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I’ve added a new page today to make it easy to find where to buy my pincushions.  It just up the top there, next to the Pincushions page.

More recently, I have made the change to made to order for some of my designs.  There will always be one off, ready to go pincushions available, but some will now be made as orders are made.  This will only add a day or two to the order.

To whet your appetite, here is my newest made to order design – the rainbow.  Rainbows are so eye-catching and bright, and a natural occurance.  What better way to decorate than with all the colours of the rainbow?  I stitch this free hand, no patterns or lines, just me, a bunch of bright coloured embroidery thread & a needle.  Happy-making 🙂

Embroidered Rainbow Pincushion


Shameless self promotion today.  I am a bit tired of looking at some of my older stock, so I am having a little sale over the next couple of days via my Facebook Page.

The sale will kick off at 8pm tonight my time – Australian Eastern Standard Summer Time.  All you have to do is check out the photo album called Sale Time – 16th – 18th March 2012.  I’ll have all the details there by 8pm on how to purchase your pick 🙂

Here’s a peak of some that will be available.

Hope you can spare a minute over the weekend to have a peak 🙂 Thanks folks 🙂

I have been making pincushions for a couple of years now & I love coming up with new designs.  I’m afraid I have a bit of a problem with making the same thing more than once, which is why there are so many different designs in my etsy shop.

Every now & then though, a design comes together & I know instantly it is right.  It was like that with the peacock pincushion.  As soon as I made the first one, I went “Yes!” in my head.  It all came together well.

With this design, I have managed to overcome my “wont do it twice” attitude.  I recently finished more detailed, embroidered versions and it got me thinking how the design has evolved over time.  A good chance to go back & have a look at what has gone before.

Here is the very first peacock pincushion. He was made with acrylic felt.  I love the olive green colour of the base.

peacock, pin cushion, pincushion, spincushions

First peacock pincushion design

I made a few this way, then I decided it was time for a tweak, so I moved the feather eyes about a bit

peacock, pin cushion, pincushion, spincushions

Second generation peacock design

As you can see, I made a few of these.  Still needed more tweaking though and to be honest, I wasn’t as happy with these.

Then I had a change in materials.  I discovered eco felt.  (Felt made from used plastic drink bottles)

peacock, pin cushion, pincushion, spincushions

New felt, new colours, back a step design wise

What happened next was the start of making kits for people to make their own peacock pincushions.  Slight colour change, but still with the eco-felt.  This is how it is still 🙂

peacock kit, pin cushion, pincushion, spincushions

Final design for Peacock Pincushion Kit

But I wasn’t satisfied.  I knew the design was a hit, but I was a bit bored with it.  I wanted to make it just a little bit more special.  So I thought I’d add more embroidery

embroidered peacock, pin cushion, pincushion, spincushions

Embroidered Feathers Peacock Pincushion

I made a couple this way, and knew I needed to make more, which led to the latest incarnation with even more embroidery and a move of the feather eyes again.  I am pretty happy with this one.  Might make a few more hehe.

embroidered peacock, pin cushion, pincushion handmade, spincushions, felt

The latest incarnation of the Spincushions peacock pin cushion

Not sure where the design will go from here, but I am sure that is not the end!  Stay tuned for more developments.

If you like a giveaway, head over to this page and leave a comment for a chance to win something very cool and very unusual 🙂

>These are always popular at markets. The fucshia pink pillow is firmly stuffed with emery sand. The emery is a very abrasive sand that sharpens your pins and needles as you put them in.

Emery pincushion by Spinicushions on madeit

Pin sharpening Emery Blue Fuchsia recycled felt pin cushion (handsewn pincushion – by Spincushions on madeit

I must make more!

>I have only recently set up my madeit store , so I was very chuffed this afternoon to find I have been featured in the Monday New Finds email.

I have spotted some wonderful things in there, like this notebook :


This one is available in my made it store right now. Red and Blue Bunting on White Recycled Felt Handmade Pincushion

I am so pleased with the result, I will be making it up into a PDF pattern that will be available in my esty store and my madeit store very soon.

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