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Today I am introducing my friend Mandie who goes by the name of TheMinersWife in the crafty world.


Mandie is a wonderful friend of mine who is very crafty. We like to get together to craft & chat when we have the chance.  If we’re not crafting, then we’ll be out to lunch,shopping  or  walking together.  We also love to do the odd market stall about the place together. My market buddy!

I thought it was about time I introduced her to the rest of you and so I asked Mandie a few questions.  She has also very kindly offered to giveaway one of her PDF patterns!  Details below on how to enter.

Embroidery PDF Pattern - Dance

Embroidery PDF Pattern – Dance

Tell me about TheMinersWife.

TheMinersWife shop is where you will find all of my PDF patterns to recreate many of my original projects – journal covers, dolls, softies and stitcheries.  I love to turn my original creations into patterns so that other crafters can personalise them by recreating them in fabrics and colour-ways that they prefer.  My patterns are easy to follow and have lots of photos, diagrams and hints throughout so that even if you have no sewing experience, you will still be able to confidently work your way through the project, and the end result will look just like it is supposed to.    Sometimes you will also find a few completed goodies available in my shop such as hair accessories, home decorating items and stationary items; I also like to play around with different ideas and create little bits and pieces that I don’t always turn into patterns.

Emmalani Seahorse Softie Pattern

Tell us what you do & what inspires you to create?

I sew!  I love to sew anything really, and then turn my creations into patterns.  Sometimes I am inspired by an occasion, such as birthdays, Christmas, Easter, births etc where I need to give a gift so I’ll come up with something suited to the particular recipient.  Other times I am inspired by my girls, who are also very crafty, and I often enlist them to draw certain objects for me as I love their interpretations – sometimes stripped back to bare basics, at other times taken to a new level with an added flourish, swirl or heart. I am lucky to live out of town and surrounded by bushland and forest, with the ocean only 10 minutes drive away, so there is always lots of inspiration from the natural environment too.

Fergus the Frog PDF Sewing Pattern

Fergus the Frog PDF Sewing Pattern

Have you always been a crafter?

Oh yes…for as long as I can remember.  I think it’s in my blood! I come from a long line of very talented and creative people!  Actually, I like to think that everyone has a creative bone in their body…it’s just a matter of finding it.

Maggie Doll PDF Pattern

Were you taught crafting skills by a close family member, or are you self taught?

My favourite aunt taught me to knit and crochet when I was 8.  She created beautiful pieces and was the most patient teacher.  She lost her battle with breast cancer when I was 20, and I still regret to this day not paying more attention when she was teaching me…I can not remember a thing that she taught me!  As for everything else, I am pretty much self-taught.  If I want to know how to do something, I usually Google it or hunt down a book at my local library or just play around experimenting.

Little Bird Journal Cover PDF Pattern

What other craft would you like to try?

Ooooh, it would have to be crochet.  I haven’t jumped on the bandwagon yet…although it is taking all of my inner strength to stop myself.  I have so many unfinished projects as it is and I fear that they will remain unfinished if I start to play around with crochet.  Hmm, we’ll see.  I’d also love to be able to paint…but unfortunately I wasn’t blessed with those skills.

Herb and Harriet Hedeghog PDF Sewing pattern

Do you have plans for any new designs?

I have lots of ideas floating around all the time!  My brain is buzzing with designs and I’m not sure if that’s a good or bad thing. I wish I had more time to bring them all to life.  I have soooo many half- finished projects, and many more just waiting patiently for their turn at having my undivided attention!  I’ve had a couple of new additions join the extended family in the last couple of months, so there a few ‘baby’ inspired designs planned. I am also planning on adding a few stitchery designs into the mix.

Dear Friends Journal Cover PDF Sewing Pattern

What was the first thing you ever made?

Actually it was an ashtray for my dad!  I was nearly 5 years old and my kindergarten teacher (who was a pottery fanatic) decided to bring her pottery wheel in one day so all of us kids could have a go and make something for our dad’s for father’s day.  Mine was surprisingly perfect and I remember the teacher making quite a fuss over it at the time.  My dad gave up smoking not long after that, but I still have the bowl to this day…and even looking at it now with adult eyes, I must say I was a clever little 4 year old! The first thing I ever made out of textile though was a cute bookmark!  It was a hairclip (used by hairdressers I think) covered in felt and lace to resemble a mitten…I made quite a few before moving on to something else.  I went through an obsessive stage of making funky clothes for my sister’s cabbage patch doll too…Miss Raelyn was the best dressed girl in town!

Stella, Steve and Stanley Starfish PDF Sewing Pattern

Thanks so much Mandie for letting us into your crafty world.  I can recommend any of Mandie’s patterns.  They are so well written and have every detail you need to have a go – even if you are not all that confident a sewer.

Kids Room Name Sign PDF Sewing Pattern

Kids Room Name Sign PDF Sewing Pattern

Would you like to win one of Mandie’s PDF Sewing patterns?  Well its easy to enter, just visit The Miners Wife etsy shop and have a poke around, then come back here and leave a comment with your favourite item.  Pure chance will decide the winner in a weeks time. I’ll announce the winner in next week’s post. Good luck!

And so on to next week. It will be my last post before the In a Spin Sampler Throw Crochet Along begins.  It will be full of crochety goodness to whet your appetite for the kick off on the 16th!  I’m so excited!


Well I am finding it hard to believe I have made it to finally posting about this.  Way back in February, I started learning crochet again via the Spotlight Facebook Page as I posted about here.   They posted a new block every week for 25 weeks.  Well, that’s how it started out.  I soon moved over to the Krista Crochet Group on Facebook where a lovely lady re-wrote the instructions so they were suitable for absolute beginners with step by step photos.  Honestly, I could not have one it without her help.  Thank you Kim!

My original plan was to do 3 throws, once for each of my girls.  One was using up my very colourful stash, to other 2 in a lovely blue.  About halfway through, I discovered that my multicoloured one was going to look pretty hideous. There was simply too much variation in colour and texture, so I stated another blue one.  I keep using my coloured stash to do each square as well, and I will be using them to make cushions – eventually  (once I finish a few other projects lol)  Some of the pics here will be of the colourful variety.  You all know of my instagram love, so if you follow me there, you’ve most likely seen all this before.

Here is my very first square – back then, I wasn’t aware that there was US terminology and international terminology. This is done in US terms

Block 1

Block 2 was where the challenge began for me – not just granny trebles! (Don’t worry,  I won’t post a pic of every week) I used a differnt sized hook  for each throw as you can see.

Blocks 1 & 2

I learned so many tricks and tips along the way.  This was my first go at block 3.  I love the block,  but I did not like the way each round started in the middle of a side.  I did the following ones from the corners 🙂

Block 3 attempt 1

Block 3 worked from corner – much better!

I decided each of my three throws was going to be slightly different, not just in size.  I decided to join each row of five for each of the 2 smaller throws as I went using a different method each time.  Might as well extend the learning opportunities right?

2 different joining methods (I realised I was making a mistake joining one at a time after this & joined in rows of 5 from here on)

I was soon looking forward to every Friday and my new crochet adventure. I had worked out the US/International thing by now, so I had to increase my colourful blocks by a few rows to compensate.  All part of the learning.

Block 9 – time is flying by!

Block 11 – another I did subsequent blocks from the corner

About here is when I realised my multi-coloured throw was not going to be pretty.

Hmmmm Yuck!

Then, before I knew it, I was starting to think – oh my!  I have almost done it!

Block 23 – only 2 more to go!

And then, somehow, I had done all 25 blocks and it was border time.

Border time

So  by now, six months has passed and I can share with you my very first ever completed crochet throw!  Here is the first of my 3 Krista sampler throws. This one was made using a 6.5mm hook, joined by double crocheting from the back with right sides together.  Love this way to join the best.

Ta da!

Now, you may well be thinking, great job Shelley!  and I thank you for that.But here is what it really should look like.  This was made by the amazing Kim who re-wrote the Spotlight patterns for us.  She added some extra squares, a fancy joining method and an impressive border.

Kim’s Krista Throw

Now that is amazing!

Now on to the next project – or maybe finish some others first 😉

I am loving my foray into the crochet world.  As I spoke about in this post, I am making 3 crochet sampler throws for my girls.  But my fingers are itching in between the release of the block each week, so I have been trawling the internets for my next project.

In my travels I have found the odd small project I have had to have a go at then & there. Combining my love of Instgram & crochet here :

There are just so many places to find awesome crochet patterns.

Lionbrand.com has lots of free patterns for free – you only need to sign up to see them.  There are 450+ crochet throws to be found there.

Garnstudio.com has so many crochet things with lovely photography – rare for crochet sites I am finding hehe

Patonsyarns.com is another you only need to join to get access to free pattens – 10 pages of them

Anniesattic.com has lots of patterns to crochet, as well as knitting & other crafts.

Redheart.com has some lovely throws like this one  over 250 in fact. Not sure if my skills are up to this though (must say I really dislike the cheesy pics on this site) :

Crochetpatterncentral.com and Allfreecrochet.com are directory sites of thousands of links to patterns on the web.

Freevintagecrochet.com is an interesting one.  Loads of vintage crochet patterns & books available.  There have been some, well, odd to say the least things crocheted in the past.  How about a crochet tie for hubby to wear to work?  hehe

Ravelry.com is different to the above commercial sites.  Its an online community where you can not only find lots of patterns created by folks, you can keep notes about projects and interact with yarn & wool lovers from around the world.  Its where I found the 3 patterns for the things I made above 🙂

Craftsy.com is an awesome site I have just come across today in my search – thanks Nadine of the Krista Crochet Group on Facebook.  It is another online community that is not just to do with yarn, its all craft and I have just dipped my toe in as yet.  So many things I can learn & make!  Plus the added bonus of no cheese!  The pics are all fabulous here.  All the pics below will take you to the patterns if you click on them.   I need some more time!  You may not see me for a while…..


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