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I was browsing for needle felting one day when I stumbled across the fabulous art of Zoe Williams.

Zoe creates works of art with needle felting.  I find her work incredible, amazing and truly wonderful.  I would love the chance to see it up close.

Seawall by Zoe Williams

Gold Rhino by Zoe Williams

Saola by Zoe Williams

I want you to see more of Zoe’s work and the best place to do that is through her website or her blog – its all fascinating and well worth taking some time to ponder.

Let me know what you think about the rabbits!  Oh my! ❤


Its been a while since I shared some awesome needle felting.

Here are some more fabulous things I’ve found recently. I still haven’t done anything about learning this craft. Maybe this year will be the one.

Light-Up Dalek by Glass Camel

Felt sculpture by Stephanie Metz

Kay Petal of Felt Alive - wonderful details!

Polar Bear by BinnieBear

Pink Bear by Ola Smith

I was going to share another pic here, but I am so in awe of the skills involved, I think a whole post needs to be devoted to the artist. Wow! Watch out for a post soon that will blow your mind.

Have a fun week folks!

When I first discovered etsy about a year ago, a few months before I set up my shop, I remember seeing a felted brain and being totally tickled by the idea of a felt brain. Even better, the brain came in a jar

specimen jar brain yourorgangrinder

Needle Felted Brain in Specimen Jar

The creator of the brain was Simmone of Your Organ Grinder.  So when it was time for me to do my first Q & A  session with one of my favourite creators, Simmone was at the top of my list.

So here we go – the first Spinatomy Q & A.

Describe your creations

I make Felt Body Organs. Made with wool felt sheets, needlfelted, and the occassional bit of Acrylic felt. I love to make Brains, Livers, Uteruses, Hearts, Eyes, Prostates and almost every other body organ. I also like to do a few parasites and cells.

stolen heart brooch yourorgangrinder

Stolen Heart Brooch

What led you to start making your wonders? 

I was making fairly run of the mill purses, and cute felt stuff (including heaps of ghosts!). I was chatting to a fellow maker about my collections of animals or jars, skulls and bones (all from found animals, none hunted and killed). She suggest I make little animal jars. I didn’t think I could pull off making any animals, but started to think about body parts in jars and first made Eyes, Bones, Hearts and Brains in a jar. From there it took off, and when I went full time with my craft I started to do more and more Organs. Now they are almost all I do.

plant cell cross section brooch yourorgangrinder

Plant Cell Cross Section Brooch

What other things do you like to create?

A bit of everything! I currently am loving making Autum themed things like Autumn Leaf Garlands, Pumpkins, and Leaf Brooches. I love making vintage book brooches, from story books and science books. Tote Bags, Fabric Brooches, necklaces and more. Plus cooking, I am currently compiling recipes for a recipe zine (so if anyone has anything cheap, tasty and nutritious let me know!)

Epithelium, vintage paper brooches, yourorgangrinder

Epithelium Illustrations Vintage Paper Brooches

Have you always been crafty? Do you have a family history of craftiness, a mentor?

My Aunt on my Dads side once told me that she thinks the first born is more able to occupy themselves with their own activities.  I have always been very quiet and like doing fussy things and putting effort into things some find superflous, as well as being alone and doing my own things.  I have always loved making stuff!  I made some bizarre fake mummies 10 yrs ago inspired by Mummy Roadshow.  My mum’s side are all fairly creative and just get in and do things.  Mum taught me crochet at maybe 9 or 10, and my parents also used to restore the odd bit of furniture, and my Aunt on my mums side was always doing this and that.

specimen jar, spleen, yourorgangrinder

Specimen Jar Spleen

When you embark on a new creative method, do you teach yourself or do you find experts around you to teach you?

I taught myself to Needlefelt, but depending on what it is I either give it a go or ask others opinions.  My partner knows about almost everything, & can learn to do anything!  He is a great resource.  I also try to do things how I think they should be done.  You know I am prob needlefelting all wrong! haha!

Thank you Simmone for taking time to be part of my blog.

If you’d like to find out more about Simmone and her wonderful creations, she can be found in the following places :

Your Organ Grinder on etsy  Your Organ Grinder on madeit,

The Little Orchard on etsy  The Little Orchard on madeit

Little Orchard on twitter    Your Organ Grinder & The Little Orchard Facebook Page


Simmone has very kindly offered to my blog readers a giveaway of an eyeball hair tie  Thanks so much Simmone!  To be in with a chance to win, just leave a comment to this post and I will do a random post number draw to decide the winner.  I will draw the giveaway winner in a weeks time – Tuesday 24th May at 2pm.  The winner will be announced here, and overseas folks – you can enter too.  This one is open to anyone in the world.

eyeball hairtie yourorgangrinder giveaway

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