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Hello my friends.  As you are reading this, I am probably thinking “My head is going to explode” or “I want to go home and do some craft” (Notice I didn’t say the other crafty “c” word – I did promise I would not).  I am heading to the big city for a work conference.  I will love it really and I will come back bursting with enthusiasm and I will be full of ideas, but at the same time part of me will be wishing I was back at my isolated, full of sky and space home, with my family and crafty things.

A girl needs to be prepared for a city adventure.  These are some of the things I wish I was taking with me

Melbourne is a very fun and vibrant city, but it does have a fashion trend that I did follow when I lived there – black is ALWAYS the new black

Long Sleeve Black Wrap Dress by Verily

Of course, I would have to add a splash of colour.  I could go elegant

Dark Purple Pearl Earrings by Rivergum Jewellery

Or I could go a bit more dangley

handmade sterling silver earrings – vintage blue lucite by wingbysea

I can’t do short necklaces, but I am developing a thing for long ones

Necklace Long-Style Raindrops by epheriell

Now I know I will need to take notes.  Something cute and sweet will help me keep my sanity I think.  I actually own this one.  No need for wishing this time.

Cherry Blossom in Valentine Notebook by LittleMo

I’ll be back to the crafty stuff next week.  See you then!


I’ve added a new page today to make it easy to find where to buy my pincushions.  It just up the top there, next to the Pincushions page.

More recently, I have made the change to made to order for some of my designs.  There will always be one off, ready to go pincushions available, but some will now be made as orders are made.  This will only add a day or two to the order.

To whet your appetite, here is my newest made to order design – the rainbow.  Rainbows are so eye-catching and bright, and a natural occurance.  What better way to decorate than with all the colours of the rainbow?  I stitch this free hand, no patterns or lines, just me, a bunch of bright coloured embroidery thread & a needle.  Happy-making 🙂

Embroidered Rainbow Pincushion

Time for a browse through the delights to be found on Madeit.  This time I am drooling over wonderful screen printing. Enjoy 🙂

Love Floats, grey, hand pulled screen print, limited edition By Ginger Design

Organic cotton tea towel with limited edition screen print by izanlotte

Screen Printed Purse

SEA BOUQUET hand screen printed fabric by BlueBerryAsh

Purse – robin by Stalley

Just a quick post today to let you know I’ve updated the About Spincushions page.  Its now got all the places you’ll find be about the net & in life.

As its all all about me, I may as well show you a few of my newer desgins pincushion wise

Red flowers on rich purple

Blue Embroidered Feather on Orange

Tree on brilliant blue


Ivy Curls and Leaves

Peacock Eye Feather

That is all 🙂

>I have only recently set up my madeit store , so I was very chuffed this afternoon to find I have been featured in the Monday New Finds email.

I have spotted some wonderful things in there, like this notebook :

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