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I know some of you have been wondering how I went with my felting of jumpers.  It didn’t quite go as I expected, which iswhy I haven’t shared before now.  I am pretty disappointed with the results.  But I figure sharing failure is just as good as sharing success. You may learn from my mistakes.  I hope so.

So what did I do?  I put each cut up jumper into its own pillowcase and tied a knot in the end and bunged them all in the washing machine.  After all this is a fluffy process and I didn’t want my machine getting clogged up.  I did the hottest wash I could do (90 degrees C) and left the machine to do its work.  Once when walking by the machine I noticed that some bits had escaped their pillowcases.  A knot in the pillowcase is obviously not enough.  I should have used safety pins as recommended.  After it had finished, I very excitedly went to check my results.

Lets look at the results one by one, starting from most successful to most dismal.

1. The blue surf dude jumper

Wow – this felted amazingly well.  I knew it would as it had some felting signs from wear when I bought it.  It shrunk a LOT.  I’m talking at least half.  The bad news is that it is too thick for my pincushions.  I will have to come up with another idea – a bag maybe?  Not sure yet 🙂

Blue jumper felt - thick!

2. The olive green cardy

This also felted quite well – it was pretty much felted before hand.  It’s probably the one out of the 6 that I will actually use.

yay - it worked! olive green felt made from a jumper

3. The gorgeous red cardy

I am so sad about this one. The colour was so wonderful and the jumper so soft.  I had really high hopes for it.  It felted a little bit.  You can still see the weave of the jumper though, and it just looks like a really old bit of jumper and is not really suitable to make anything with. It was one of my escapees and if you look closely at the olive above, you can see red fluff on it.

Not really felt, just an old jumper

4. The purple turtleneck jumper

Another one I had big plans for that just didn’t quite get there.  The results are pretty similar to the red jumper – it just looks old.

Purple not quite felt

5. The black turtleneck jumper

No felting at all.  This one must have been treated to stop the felting process when made.  There are very little signs of felting action.  The edges frayed a bit, but that was about it.

Frayed black not felt LOL

6. The green work jumper

Total fail!  This one has no felting effect at all and also must have been treated.  The edges frayed a lot during the process as you can see.

a frayed mess

I put all the “fails” through the machine a couple more times and there was no improvement in the results.  I even tried the dryer as well.  No change.

Where did I go wrong?  Well I don’t think I did anything wrong as such.

I have a front loading washing machine which may have been a factor as they are generally gentler on clothing, but the blue felted so well I am not convinced this is the issue.

I believe my fails are due to the wool being treated so it cannot felt.  I guess the issue is how do you tell if something has been treated?  I am thinking the labels may give me some clues.  While they don’t say “this has been treated” the washing instructions are a little more flexible than pure untreated wool washing instructions.

So I can now say I have attempted felting my own wool.  I would like to try again and I will once I source some more jumpers that have the “be very careful’ washing instructions still attached.

PS I know its really called “fulling”  😉


A little while back, I shared with you all my desire to felt my own woollen clothing in this post.  Since then, I have scoured op shops (thrift stores)  in my general area and I found these jumpers and a scarf to attempt to felt.

I say attempt, as I am not 100% certain some of the items are wool, and some are a blend, and I have a front loading washing machine, which is great for being gentle on our clothing, but maybe not so good for roughing up wool fibres.

jumpers from the op shops

The jumpers & scarf found in op shops ready to be felted

So what’s next?  Cutting them up in preparation for felting.

red wool cardigan ready for feltingThe red cardigan has some lovely little buttons I can salvage and is 96% lambswool and 4% nylon.  I really hope this one works as I love the colour.

The purple turtle neck jumper is 80% lambswool and 20% nylon.  Not sure if that’s too muchpurple jumper ready for felting nylon, but I guess I will find out soon enough!

black jumper cut up ready to feltThe black turtle neck jumper is very fine and thin, but is 100% wool.

The olive green one is going to work just fine.  How do I know?  It is 100% wool and is alreadyolive green coat cut up ready to felt pretty much felted in the body.

surf jumper ready to feltThe blue surfer dude jumper is so thick and heavy.  The labels have been cut out, but I am almost certain it is 100% wool as it is felted just from wear or maybe someone has already hot washed it hehe.

The green jumper is part of someone’s work uniform and is another 80% wool 20% nylon one.Green jumper cut up ready to felt

messy scarf that probably wont feltThe scarf, well its very attractive I know.  I know the fluffy bits are synthetic, but I am hoping that the maroony-purple is wool.  Not very hopeful now that I’ve cut it up.  I am fairly certain it is all acrylic & geez it made a mess!

I’ll save the next bits until my next post. Stay tuned to see how they work out.

You know how it is, once you notice one red car, that is all you seem to see.  Or pregnant ladies, or babies, or stripy socks.

At the moment when I browse etsy I am seeing a lot of exquisitely detailed needle felting as well as some really fun things.

needle felting, bunny, rabbit, pdf, barby303, morning glory workshop

Needle Felting Wool Bunny Class in PDF files by Morning Glory Workshop

I look at Morning Glory Workshop and my heart melts with the cuteness.

This bunny listing is actually a very detailed class that teaches you all you need to know to make the gorgeous bunny.  He is even posable!

She also sells the materials needed and completed critters too!

This shop is on my Xmas wish list already hehe.  I’d love to give needle felting a try. Especially if I could get results like this.

red panda, needle felted, novembrin, etsy

Needle Felted Red Panda by Novembrin

Novembrin  is another shop I love.  She sells the most realistic needle felted dogs, cats, birds and other critters – some imaginary like brain slugs.

I could not go past this gorgeous lil guy.  I’ve always had a thing for red pandas.  So cute!

Novembrin also offers to make custom creatures from pictures of your pets.  Imagine having a mini sculpture of your actual dog.  Amazing!

Now to get a bit less real.  I have looked at Familiar Oddlings shop for a long time in awe.  Amazing creations.

Kirin giraffe, familiar oddlings, needle felting

Kirin Giraffe by Familiar Oddlings

As with the other creators I’ve mentioned, Familiar Oddlings creates custom creatures to your desires.  I thoroughly recommend a look around the shop. Incredibly fine work 🙂

Ready for some colour and fun?  Asher Jasper makes the most colourful, bright and wonderfully fun needle felted toys.

I just love the Egg Box Toy Sets like this Halloween one

needle felting, halloween, wool toys Asherjasper

Needle Felted Halloween Egg Set by Asher Jasper

My last share for today is She Who Stamps.  Nothing makes me smile like seeing a new listing pop up from this creator.  I have followed through with my love of this shop & bought a wonderful creation.  I really love it, as will the gift recipient on her birthday hehe. The descriptions on all of her items are so funny.  Really worth a read & a chuckle hehe.

zombie, needle felted, shewhostamps

Cute Little Zombie by She Who Stamps

There you have it.  I bet you start to see awesome needle felting everywhere now too. Let me know your finds, I’d love to see more.

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