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My blog is turning into a crochet blog!  Sorry folks who don’t like crochet, but today’s post is all about hooks and yarns and really cool stuff I have found about the internets.  I promise next week will be a crochet free zone.  I wont even mention the word.

As you may be aware from previous crochet blog posts, I have picked up the hooks this year in a determined effort to learn to crochet beyond the granny square.  I must say I am quite proud of the progress I’ve made.  I am finding more and more, I am reaching for the crochet hooks over my felt and embroidery thread.  (Although I do have plans to add a bit of crochet to my pincushions – I dream of it at night, so I must find time to bring the ideas into reality so my dreams can move on)

I can’t show you my Krista throw progress, because I am only a week or 2 off finishing them.  I want to wait and show you the finished products.  But here’s an update on how I’m going with my basket weave throw

Half way now 🙂

Now to cool stuff I’ve found

I made my own hook case not too long ago, but I am thinking of making another one – I love this pattern!

Gorgeous crochet hook case pattern from LivingAmethest on etsy

I think I might have to start wearing crochet – I wont do the ol’ crochet bikini, but this is pretty cool

Crochet bracelet in sea tones by Nadene on etsy

I found this and thought awesome!  Then I saw it was by one of my Instagram friends, so its a double yay!  I love seeing what Crafty Mummy is up to – follow her if you’re on Instagram and you wont be disappointed 🙂

Rainbow Crochet Blanket by Crafty Mummy + pattern!

Now these look so pretty!  Clicking the pic will take you to a blog post about the creator and has links to her shop.

Crochet covered Mason jars by SpindleShuttleNeedle via SweatPeach blog

You may already know I have a thing about bright, colourful bunting.  I love this crocheted version.

Crochet Buntng by My Poppet

I love love love the colours in this fun tutorial

Crochet chain by Cornflower Blue Studio

I don’t know why it was done, but I like it!

Crochet covered spoon by Lock and Spook

What’s your current obsession?



This one is available in my made it store right now. Red and Blue Bunting on White Recycled Felt Handmade Pincushion

I am so pleased with the result, I will be making it up into a PDF pattern that will be available in my esty store and my madeit store very soon.

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