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Hi folks.

I know its not Friday, my usual bloggy day!  There are changes afoot and I thought I’d better explain what is going to be happening.

Life changes print by Makino Studios

Life changes print by Makino Studios

As the In a Spin Crochet Along starts this Friday, each and every Friday’s blog post for the foreseeable future will be devoted to a new crochet pattern.

Its going to take up a fair bit of my time, but I will still be having a non-crochet blog post every now and then.  It wont be weekly, but it will be on a Wednesday from now on when it happens.

Wednesday Addams Quote print by TheGeekerie

Wednesday Addams Quote print by TheGeekerie

As well as all that, the big news is that a new Spincushions website is in the works.  I am very excited about it – its going to be so lovely!  I just wanted you to be aware that sometime in the future, you will visit and it will all look very different – it will still be me, just a more attractive version of me and my ramblings.

Crafting makes me happy print by Tea and Ceremony

Crafting makes me happy print by Tea and Ceremony

That’s it 🙂  Hope you can join me Friday for the crochet fun!

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Everyone loves to win something right?  A great way to win something handcrafted and awesome is to read and follow craft blogs.

But, not only are they fun to enter, they can be beneficial to you too.  In May I took part in the The Sew Weekly pincushion giveaway. Each day in May, a new pincushion maker would be featured and offered up one of their pincushions as a prize to the blog readers.  I am so glad I took part, as my shop visits and sales certainly were up as a direct result from being included.

lovely lilac pincushion for giveaway

My Sew Weekly Pincushion for the Giveaway

I have also run my own little giveaway on this very blog and it was a lot of fun, thanks to the etsy seller I featured.  She found an increased amount of traffic to her shop too.

However, giveways can be a bit daunting, so here are a few of my tips to running a successful blog giveaway

  • You can offer something you created or an item of a creator you are featuring.  Personally, I feel its a bit rude to ask for things, but if they offer great 🙂
  • Have clear pictures.  No one will enter if they cannot see what they could win clearly.  Show it off!
  • Don’t make it too hard to enter.  Trust me – this puts people off.  Make the condition of entry simple.  There is nothing worse than getting all excited about entering a giveaway and finding out you have to jump through 15 hoops or write an essay to qualify.  Personally, I wont enter if its too hard.
  • Have clear giveaway rules and stick to them.  If people must tell you their favourite item from your shop, then do not award the prize to someone who hasn’t done that.
  • Let people know how you will draw the winner.  Will it be a random draw, or will you judge the best entry or will your cat choose?
  • State your closing date and time and stick to it. Once the time comes, post that entries are closed and that you’ll let everyone know the winner shortly – be prompt.
  • Contact the winner promptly and confirm their postal details.  If your giveaway is being donated by someone else, I would be the go-between and pass on the details so you are in control of the process to some degree.  Ask the prize giver to confirm when they have posted the prize & let the winner know.  Just common courtesy.
  • Let your readers know who won & what they won if there were a few options. Its disappointing to never know if a giveaway was actually completed or not.
  • Its not essential, but if you are doing a random draw, then include pics of the process.  This giveaway draw by June at Noon was very cute and made me feel part of it.  I have seen some use www.random.org and post a pic of the result to prove their winner. Up to you, but these things can be a nice touch.
  • Personally, I would not do giveaways all the time.  To me they should be like sales, rare but special when you do have one.  Having said that I know a lot who do monthly & it seems to work for them.  Just my opinion. 🙂

Blog Giveaways to Enter

Now on to the fun bit for you.  I have rounded up a few blog giveaways for you to enter.  Who knows?   You might find an awesome new blog to read, a favourite new shop or you might just win something.  Having a look at all of these is also a great research opportunity.  See who has done things in a way that appeals to you and plan your own blog giveaway.

Good luck!

Red brick Needle Book from Loft Full of GoodiesTo win an awesome needlebook from Loft Full of Goodies – click here.  Entries close 5th July 2011

Badges by All Night Diner

To win some Vintage styled badges by All Night Diner, click here to visit isewpose‘s blog. Entries close 1st July 2011.Red Blende Earrings by Jenny PooleTo win over $80 worth of earrings from Jenny Hoople – click here. Entries close 3rd July 2011

Stripe lamp by Lulus LampsTo win a lamp designed by you from Lulus Lamps – click here.  Entries close 10th July.

Glass & Crystal bracelet by Miss MonkeiTo win a bracelet or bookmark by Miss Monkei, click here to visit Amaria’s Paper Workshop‘s blog.  Entries close 9th July 2011.

3 badges from Ld DesignsTo win 3 badges from Ld Designs, click here.  Entries close 30th June 2011.

Want More?

If these are not enough for you, then check out these blogs devoted to listing blog giveaways.   You can submit your giveaway to them both.  A good idea I think I will try next time.

Blog Giveaways

Craft Buds – Giveaway Roundup

If you are having a blog giveaway I have not mentioned, please feel free to add a link in the comments.  I hope you’ve found these tips useful. 🙂

Well my blog has anyway. The old place just wasn’t me.  I like the decor here a lot better.

Just a quick post today to show you my new blog home.  What do you think? Suit me? hehe

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you’ll follow me here as I find wonders of the crafting world.

Now as a maker of felt pincushions, you’d think I’d be right into making felt needle books too.  Well the truth of the matter is I just don’t like making them.   I have made a few, but I find them a chore.  So when I spotted this on an etsy ramble, I fell in love.  Not just because it is beautifully made, but because I appreciate the process that went into its making.  Great work Loft Full of Goodies !

wool felt, handmade, needle book

Wonderous Needlebook by Loft Full Of Goodies on Etsy


>Its taken me a while, but I have finally started my own blog.

Where it will end, I am not sure yet!  Its sure to be a fun journey though with lots to learn and share along the way.

Here’s to a wonderful new toy!

I am a maker of pincushions.  Other things too, but mainly pincushions. 

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