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Hi folks!

As usual, we’ll start by looking at last week’s blocks.  I love the different colours – well done!

By Kim Sc of the Krista group

By Kim Sc of the Krista group

2012-12-10 10.38.50

By Judso of the Flickr group

By lolaandemilin on Instagram

By lolaandemilin on Instagram


I am very excited about this week’s block.  I can’t wait to hook it up.  This week we are making a 30cm (12″) block called “Autumn Clusters”by Aurora Suominen whose blog One Crochet Day at a Time is a wealth of patterns, tips and general crochety goodness!

Autumn Clusters by Aurora Suominen

Autumn Clusters by Aurora Suominen

Aurora has very kindly given her permission for me to translate her pattern into UK terms, which you’ll find below.

Please read all the “Notes” before you start.


As always, we’ll want to finish with a round of dc (sc) – but you’ll note that this pattern ends that way anyway. Still, we may need to add another round to make the size match our previous ones, as we are adding our border to blocks that are 30cm (12″) already.  You know what I’m on about by now I hope – just ask if not though!

Block 7 UK Terms

~Autumn Clusters~

Designed by: Aurora Suominen Copyright © 2011
12” Square with 6mm hook and WW yarn. I used Red heart.

My Abbreviations:  CL=Cluster,  BPTR=Back Post Treble Crochet, FPTR=Front Post Treble Crochet
~BEG CORNER:  Work ch-3, tr, ch-2, 2tr in st or sp indicated. Corner made.
~CORNER: Work 2 tr, Ch-2, 2 tr in next Ch2 space.
~BEG CL: Ch2 and keeping last loop of each tr on hook, 2 tr in st or sp indicated; YO and draw through all 3 loops on hook.
~CLUSTER St (CL): Keeping last loop of each tr on hook, 3 tr in st or  sp indicated; YO and draw through all 4 loops on hook.
NOTES: Anytime you see, “Stitches” this means any tr, dc, fptr, ch1 space.
~++: When you see “Repeat ++ once” this means to repeat the pattern instructions in between the +

Round 1: Ch4 and work tr in 4th ch from hook.  Join with a sl st  in 3rd ch of beg ch 4. (12 tr)

Round 2: BEG CL. (see special sts)  *Ch 1, cl in next st.* Repeat around or (11Xs).  Ch 1 and join in top of first cl.  (12 cl & 12 ch 1 sp)

Round 3: Sl st in next ch1 sp and BEG CL.  (Ch 2, sk next cl and work a cl in next ch1 sp)11times.  Ch2, sk next cl and join in top of first cl.  (12 cl & 12 ch2 sp)

Round 4: (Work 3tr in next ch2 sp, sl st in top of next cl) 11 times. 3tr in last ch2 sp and join in 1st sl st.  (36 tr & 12 ss)

Round 5: Ch5 (counts as tr & ch2) (+Skip 1tr, bptr around next tr, ch2, skip 1 tr,+ tr in next sl st, ch 2) 11 times. Repeat  ++ once and  join in 3rd st of beg ch3. (24 tr & 24 Ch 2 sp)

Round 6: Sl st into ch2 sp, and BEG CL.  (Ch2, sk next tr, work a 3tr cl in next ch2 sp) 23 times.  Ch 2, sk next st and join in top of beg cl.  (24 cl & 24 ch2)

Round 7: Ch4, 3dtr, Ch3, 4dtr in same st.  [+Ch1, tr in 3sts, dc in  5sts, tr in 3sts.  Ch1+  In next cl work 4dtr, Ch3, 4dtr.] 3 times. Repeat ++ once and join in 3rd ch of beg ch4.  sl st in next 3 dtr and into ch3 sp.  (24tr, 32dtr, 20dc)

Round 8: Ch1, 3dc in same sp.  [dc in 21 sts. 3dc in next ch3 sp.]3Xs. dc in last 21sts. Join in 1st dc. (96 dc)

Round 9: Sl st into next dc and BEG Corner  [+htr in 7sts, tr in 9sts, htr in 7sts.+  IN next dc ,  work a corner.]3Xs. Repeat ++ once and join in 3rd ch of beg ch3. (56htr, 52tr)

Round 10: Sl st into ch2 sp and Beg Corner [+tr in 2sts. (Ch1, Skip 1 st,  cl in next st)11xs.  Ch1, Skip 1st, tr in 2sts+. In next ch2 sp, work corner.]3Xs. Repeat ++ once and join in 3rd ch of beg ch3.  (44cl, 48ch1 sp, 32tr)

Round 11: Sl st into ch2 sp and Beg Corner  [+tr in 4sts, (Ch1, cl in sp, skip next cl)12Xs.  Ch1, tr in 4sts+.  In next Ch2 sp work corner.]3xs. Repeat ++ once and join in 3rd ch of beg ch3. (48tr, 52ch1, 48cl)

Round 12: Sl st into ch2 sp, Ch1, 3 dc.  dc in each tr, ch1 sp, and l across to next Ch2 sp, work 3 dc in sp. Join to 1st dc.   Fasten Off.

© Copyright Aurora Suominen 2011 All Rights Reserved.

For more info on abbreviations and links to sites and videos that will help with certain stitches, please see my blog, One Crochet Day at a Time

Autumn Clusters by Aurora Suominen

Autumn Clusters by Aurora Suominen

Block 7 US Terms

Click here for the US terms pattern.  The link will take you to Auroa’s website 🙂  If you’d rather go via Ravelry to add the pattern to your projects, it can be found here.

If you have any trouble with the  block, visit the Krista Crochet Group on Facebook or the Ravelry In a Spin Group and I am sure we can help each other out.

Once you’re done, don’t forget to share your blocks on instagram tagging  #inaspincal, the In a Spin CAL flickr group or the Krista Crochet Group on Facebook because as usual, I’ll be sharing some of your work here next week 🙂

Next week, as well as having a new block, we are going to start joining our squares.  I have a layout planned, but you may wish to go your own way with the layout of the blocks.  Totally up to you.  See you then!


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