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Have I told you before of my love for instagram? Yes, yes I have.  Well this week, instagram introduced me to a wonderful embroidery artist from Japan.

The artist is Yumiko Higuchi. Now all of the information  I have found has been in Japanese, so I am relying on goggle translate, which is a bit hit and miss.  This is taken from the artist’s about page :

About the work

of embroidery design, the work is done by hand all the way up to finish the process.
I’m with the aim without being bound to the traditional method of representation of embroidery, please make the work seem yumiko higuchi.
It’s something nostalgic, landscape painting that would burn the eyes, longing. Have been put to such work is the artist’s personal feelings.

My translation of the translation is that all the work is by hand, using traditional methods.  Please link back to the artist, or you will hurt his/her feelings very badly!  So please, if you are planning on pinning anything to pinterest, please click the pics and pin from the artist’s websites, not here.

So on to the amazing. Remember this is all hand stitched – every bit.

Dragon Fruit by Yumiko Higuchi

Wine label by Yumiko Higuchi

Playing cards by Yumiko Higuchi

William Morris Bird Embroidery by Yumiko Higuchi

Botanical Garden Purses by Yumiko Higuchi

Sigh!  The skills are incredible, are they not?

I thoroughly recommend have a browse through Yumiko’s blogwebsite including shop and Yumiko’s pinterest and of course search the user name “yumikohuguchi” on instagram.

Anyone thinking of buying me a present would do well to note the purses – if only they weren’t all sold out  😦


Hello my friends.

In my travels around the internet, I sometimes find something that takes whatever I am looking at to a new level.  You will be aware of my fascination this year with crochet.  Well, when I found these things, I felt so many things – awe mainly, but also wonder, delight and a huge appreciation for the work and artistic process that has gone into these wonders.

The first wonder of the art crochet world is Emily Barletta.  Emily is now creating wonderful images via stitching onto paper that I recommend you look at also, but I wanted to show you he crocheted creations here today. Emily also has a blog where she shares her art, both in progress and complete as well as other artist’s work she loves.

I just love the creature-like aspects of this.  Is it a malicious or benign being?

Untitled (green) by Emily Barletta

I love the  places this piece takes my imagination

Flesh Spot by Emily Barletta


I have also just found the work of Helle Jorgensen.  Helle crochets the most wonderful things using a variety of materials – from plastic bags to hemp cord.  She has a great tutorial on how to make your own plastic bag yarn too.

This one is made from plastic bags – love the title

The retail reef

The Retail Reef by Helle Jorgensen

Now I am sure many of you will have seen the amazing work of Toshiko Horiuchi MacAdam.  I have been amazed by images of her work showing up on Facebook and never any information about who made these wonders or where they were.  So I had to find out.

Hakone sculpture park in Sapporo Japan

Amazing huh?  If you’d like to know more about her work, then visit The Playground designs blog, or The This Is Colossal Blog.  The most detailed info however can be found on The Knit Japan website.  The pics aren’t the best here, but the info is wonderful 🙂

See you next week.

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Make lemonade.

Lemon Themed Party Lemonade Stand Printable by hedgehogstudio

Its been that kinda week here.  A few things went wrong.  Nothing truly horrible, just small, inconvenient things that normally I would take in my stride.  This week they all happened at once it seemed and to be honest, I lost the plot a little bit.

Beard Beanie Crochet Pattern by Boomer Beanies

Thankfully, I was able to see the funny side of the crazy pretty quick.

I got your back by hoops and hooks

I have my perspective back now.  After all, we have a roof over our heads, clothes on our backs, food on the table and we are all healthy.  These small inconveniences are tiny bumps in the road.

Back to my normal positive self again – phew!

Life is a beautiful ride by ParadaCreations

I was browsing for needle felting one day when I stumbled across the fabulous art of Zoe Williams.

Zoe creates works of art with needle felting.  I find her work incredible, amazing and truly wonderful.  I would love the chance to see it up close.

Seawall by Zoe Williams

Gold Rhino by Zoe Williams

Saola by Zoe Williams

I want you to see more of Zoe’s work and the best place to do that is through her website or her blog – its all fascinating and well worth taking some time to ponder.

Let me know what you think about the rabbits!  Oh my! ❤

Anyone who knows me well knows I have a bit of bird fear.  I can’t help it.  I admire birds and love the feathers and the whole flight thing, but put me near one flying low & I hit the deck. I think it all goes back to when I was a child wearing a pretty bow in my hair while I visited a zoo.  My father told me emu’s like to eat ribbons & then took me through the bird enclosure and I freaked out.  Thanks Dad!

But as I say, I do love to look at the wonder of birds and when I first saw birdsinhats I could help not but smile.

Pigeon in a Tophat by birdsinhats

I have asked Alice a few questions and here’s what she has to say about her work.

It’s an obvious question – let’s get it out of the way. Birds in hats – why?

It’s a good question. I always describe it as a joke that got out of hand – a few years ago I was drawing a barn owl, that turned out to be pretty bad, so I stuck a baseball cap on it… and here I am now!

Magpie in Crown card by birdsinhats

Do you like music on while you work & if so who do you listen to?

Music wise I like a good album that I don’t need to skip tracks on – any Billie Holiday, Fleet Foxes, Grizzly Bear etc etc… but more often than not I’ll have a Harry Potter audiobook on – I can’t listen to any audiobooks that aren’t narrated by Stephen Fry anymore, he’s just so good at it.

Snow Bunting in a Christmas Cracker Hat

Your work puts me in mind of Bruce Whatley – a favourite children’s book author & illustrator of mine. Is there a book in your future?

Why not! I’m concentrating on just producing more material at the moment – I have a scene of woodland creatures playing folk instruments that probably won’t leave my head till I paint it – but certainly in the long term, I’d love to.

Pheasant in a Flat Cap by birdsinhats

Do you imagine the appropriate hat before you start to draw? Do you make up stories to match the hat choice? I see the white swan as a lonely princess waiting for her prince charming to whisk her away.

I’m always torn between the bird-hat combination making sense (nightingale in a nurses cap, turkey in a chef’s hat) and them really not (canary in mexican wrestling mask). I usually end up going for ‘not’, and though I don’t make stories for them I think they’ve all got a bit of attitude

Mute Swan in a Hennin

What is your creative space like?  A special stuido? The kitchen table?

My creative space is my bed/floor! I’ve been drawing curled up or sprawled out somewhere awkward looking since I was old enough to hold a pencil (according to my oma anyway) – though I don’t have a choice as I have neither a desk big enough, or a chair in my flat at the moment. One day I’ll have a fantastic studio to make up for all the damage I’m doing to my spine…

Thanks so much Alice for letting us into your wonderful world.  If you’d like to find out more, please visit the following places you can find Alice.  I really recommend the blog – so many wonderful birds in hats! :

Birds In Hats Blog

Birds In Hats Facebook Page

Birds In Hats Twitter

Birds In Hats on Esty

Today’s post is all about  amazing embroidery.  I am a member of the EtsyNEAT (Etsy Needle Arts Team) team and today the team blog has featured This Tiny Existence.

Embroidery pattern by This Tiny Existence

With One Enormous Chair Embroidery Pattern

I am blown away by the intricacy of the embroidery.    I love, love the everyday scenes transformed into stunning works of art.

Fun Retro Kitchen Embroidery

Fun Retro Kitchen Embroidery

If you’d like to find out more about This Tiny Existence, check out the EstyNEAT blog post all about her.

Wow!  What do you think of her work?

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