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I am a lover of the wonders of technology.  We’ve come so far in such a short time.  My kids find it hard to imagine the world I grew up in with just a black & white tv & no computers.  Not all that long ago really. Now we have touch screen devices, 3D tv’s, the internet and so much more.

One of the most amazing more recent technological developments is 3D printing. All of the wonders you’ll see here are created using a printer – yup really.  Amazing huh?

Sprial Cuff by nervoussystem on etsy

Steampunk Dice by MechanicalOddities on etsy

Black Pebble Necklace by GreenWallNL on etsy

Filigree Swirl Puzzle iphone Case by CWestbrookDesigns on etsy

Moonball Necklace by designerica on etsy

3D Printed Silver Heart Pendant by thedroppingform on etsy

I want one!


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