In a Spin Crochet

Thanks for checking out the In a Spin CAL.  I have moved it all to my new website.  All the weekly block patterns and can be found here.  If you have any questions about the crochet along, go to the In a Spin FAQ.

In a Spin CAL


20 Responses to "In a Spin Crochet"

Looking forward to it !!!

I am too Gerda – I am planning away in the background, getting it all ready to go

I totally relate to the yarn/wool thing. I too grew up thinking everything in a ball was just called “wool”. Looking forward to having a new big project soon!! I only started the Krista when all the patterns had been released, so it’ll be nice this time to get to figure them out at the same time as everyone else. Now if only I could pick a colour scheme…

Glad its not just me! I felt so foolish when I found out I was wrong after so many years. Old habits are hard to break 😉 It is fun working together – I hope you enjoy it Sophie 🙂

Hot dog! This is going to be FUN!!! I joined the Krista group after everything was said and done, so this will be a blast to work along with everyone else. Thanks for doing this Shelley!

No worries at all Cathy! I was going to do it for my own benefit anyway because I really missed doing a block a week once the Krista was done. May as well share the joy I reckon! Hope you enjoy it!

Yay bring it on!!!

Great to have you on board Andrea – hope you love it 🙂

Oh Shelley all that bendigo cotton………………. aaaahhhhhhh

Nice eh Tina? I’ve never used it before – looks pretty good!

Awesome! Can’t wait to put in my order for Bendigo Woollen Mills cotton 😀 I’m really excited by this I like your idea of doing a practice run first – I do this with each new pattern I get I make a “sample” and then the real thing as I am a beginner too 🙂 Looking forward to it and I’m sure if we get stuck on a pattern, we can help each other out ❤

That’s great Diana 🙂 You’ll love the cotton 🙂 I am so ready for it to start!

great work Shelley 🙂

Thanks Cazza 🙂 Hope its enjoyable for you 🙂

I’m going to try this x

Great Sharon! Hope you love the project 🙂

Just found this can’t wait!

Welcome aboard Barb! Hope its fun for you 🙂

[…] a more crafty note today I am starting the In A Spin CAL on ravelry, the pattern for the first sqares was posted this afternoon and I think I will whip one […]

Do you have a button we can use on our blogs? 😉

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