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Hello folks.

This is the last time you’ll see me post over here in this space.

I have set up my very own website and I have moved all my stuff over to the new place. I think it is just what I needed.  If you want to know who really did all the work – check out this post in the new place.  She’s awesome!

Don’t worry, the In a Spin CAL is still happening.

If you are currently signed up to follow my blog via email, your subscription is in the process of being transferred over to the new place, so you should still get a lil email when I post.

Unfortunately, if you are following as a WordPress user, I can’t transfer you over.  If you do want to keep reading my ramblings, I’d love it if you popped over and signed up to the new me.


Well I guess that’s it.  One last look around to check if I have forgotten anything?  No.  Ok then.  See you in the new digs!


It’s been a week of back to work and school and normal routines with the addition of family coming to stay for a while.  Not a lot of time for crafting or pincishions, so today I thought I’d show you some lovely shoes I have found on etsy.

Now let me start by saying, I’m no shoe fanatic.  I don’t get the whole fascination with shoes or handbags to be honest.    I have 4 pairs.  Yup – 4.  Boots, runners, slip on flats & thongs.   I only get new ones when they wear out.  But things may be changing…

How awesome are these?  Some of these are meant for children, but I’d wear them in adult size – maybe.

Custom leather handmade fairytale shoes by Fairysteps

Eco Friendly Children Slipper Socks by Wooly baby

MACHADO SHOES/ unique Oxford shoes by Machado Shoes

House Shoes with Leather Sole in dark red and rust orange by leninka

Custom Handmade Ankle Boots by zerkahloostrah

There you have it.  Maybe I do have a bit of that shoe fetish so common in a lot of women I know after all.

See you next week.

Earlier this week, Julie-Anne was involved in a terrible plane accident.  Sadly, her daughter and the pilot perished and Julie-Anne herself is in intensive care fighting for her life.

Julie-Anne is a much loved leader of the DUST etsy team – the Down Under Street Team.  As in the past when terrible things have  happened, our team has banded together to help in a small way by donating the proceeds of items in our shops to Julie-Anne’s family.

Please have a look at this constantly changing treasury as things are selling fast and pass it on to you friends.

‘For Julie-Ann…’ by uniquedichroic

100% of the sale of all items in this treasury are being donated to the family of Julie-Ann Twigg.

















Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.

I do love a beautiful Etsy treasury.  I really admire those who take the time to ensure a consistent look and feel in a common theme.

Tonight I was in the mood to have a go myself and this is the result.  Hope you like it.


‘Set the table and the scene’ by spincushions

















Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.

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