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This week has seen me reach some great milestones with my pincushions and to celebrate, I am giving away a pincushion! Details on how to be in with a chance later.

First though, I want to share with you my plans for the weekend.Tomorrow I am packing up my pincushions and heading over to the lovely coastal town of Port Fairy to take part in the Port Fairy MADE Artists Market.  Its a unique market where you will find some truly one of a kind wares, held 4 times a year.

I thought today I would share with you some of my fellow stallholders and their works.

First up is the super cute Pint.

Ernest T. Bear by Pint

Next up is Poesie (It’s French for poetry)

Emilia’s-Moccasins—Liberty by Poesie

If you are after some gorgeous journal action, then Luciandjoe is where to go

Handmade journals and paper goods by luciandjoe

The last I’ll share today is the work of Foxowlroad.  Oriel makes a variety of beautiful things.  Her felt stitchery is among my favourites though.

Hare wool felt Brooch by Foxowlroad

I’m really looking forward to tomorrow!  I’ll take some pics and share with you the action next week.

Now, on to the giveaway!

All you need to do to be in with a chance to win, is sign up to follow this very blog.  Its open to everyone in the world too!  There’s a lil box up the top right to add your email address too.  I promise I wont spam you – you will only get an email when I post something new.  Of course, you are free to unsubscribe at any time.  I’d love you to stay, but if I am annoying you, then by all means hit that unsubscribe link in the emails.  If you are already signed up, then thank you and you are already in the draw!  I will be drawing the winner just before I post next Friday morning – Australia time.

Good luck!


Have I told you before of my love for instagram? Yes, yes I have.  Well this week, instagram introduced me to a wonderful embroidery artist from Japan.

The artist is Yumiko Higuchi. Now all of the information  I have found has been in Japanese, so I am relying on goggle translate, which is a bit hit and miss.  This is taken from the artist’s about page :

About the work

of embroidery design, the work is done by hand all the way up to finish the process.
I’m with the aim without being bound to the traditional method of representation of embroidery, please make the work seem yumiko higuchi.
It’s something nostalgic, landscape painting that would burn the eyes, longing. Have been put to such work is the artist’s personal feelings.

My translation of the translation is that all the work is by hand, using traditional methods.  Please link back to the artist, or you will hurt his/her feelings very badly!  So please, if you are planning on pinning anything to pinterest, please click the pics and pin from the artist’s websites, not here.

So on to the amazing. Remember this is all hand stitched – every bit.

Dragon Fruit by Yumiko Higuchi

Wine label by Yumiko Higuchi

Playing cards by Yumiko Higuchi

William Morris Bird Embroidery by Yumiko Higuchi

Botanical Garden Purses by Yumiko Higuchi

Sigh!  The skills are incredible, are they not?

I thoroughly recommend have a browse through Yumiko’s blogwebsite including shop and Yumiko’s pinterest and of course search the user name “yumikohuguchi” on instagram.

Anyone thinking of buying me a present would do well to note the purses – if only they weren’t all sold out  😦

Hello my friends.

In my travels around the internet, I sometimes find something that takes whatever I am looking at to a new level.  You will be aware of my fascination this year with crochet.  Well, when I found these things, I felt so many things – awe mainly, but also wonder, delight and a huge appreciation for the work and artistic process that has gone into these wonders.

The first wonder of the art crochet world is Emily Barletta.  Emily is now creating wonderful images via stitching onto paper that I recommend you look at also, but I wanted to show you he crocheted creations here today. Emily also has a blog where she shares her art, both in progress and complete as well as other artist’s work she loves.

I just love the creature-like aspects of this.  Is it a malicious or benign being?

Untitled (green) by Emily Barletta

I love the  places this piece takes my imagination

Flesh Spot by Emily Barletta


I have also just found the work of Helle Jorgensen.  Helle crochets the most wonderful things using a variety of materials – from plastic bags to hemp cord.  She has a great tutorial on how to make your own plastic bag yarn too.

This one is made from plastic bags – love the title

The retail reef

The Retail Reef by Helle Jorgensen

Now I am sure many of you will have seen the amazing work of Toshiko Horiuchi MacAdam.  I have been amazed by images of her work showing up on Facebook and never any information about who made these wonders or where they were.  So I had to find out.

Hakone sculpture park in Sapporo Japan

Amazing huh?  If you’d like to know more about her work, then visit The Playground designs blog, or The This Is Colossal Blog.  The most detailed info however can be found on The Knit Japan website.  The pics aren’t the best here, but the info is wonderful 🙂

See you next week.

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Hello my friends 🙂

Its been a while since I shared with you one of my favourite creative types. Today I am very pleased to present to you Vickie of Jewelflyt.

Vickie makes the most beautiful jewellery inspired by nature.  I have asked Vickie a few questions about her work and here is what she had to say.

Tell me about jewelflyt?

Jewelflyt is my little jewellery business – I make elegant, slightly quirky pieces, inspired by nature & imagination.

Trilogy fine silver pendant

Describe the materials you use and why you like them.

I predominantly work with PMC (precious metal clay), which is microscopic silver particles in an organic binder. After firing (where the binder burns off & the metal sinters) what remains is fine silver. I love pmc for the possibilities – I can imprint it with leaves or textures, cut it into any shape, join it together, literally draw on it – almost anything I can imagine. I also love the fact that someone (aka me) with no silver smithing skills can create silver jewellery.  I also use beads (mostly crystal & glass) – I have a *ahem* small collection – & sterling silver wire.

Ebb and flow fine silver pendant

Apart from your jewelry, do you make anything else?

I enjoy drawing, photography, playing with polymer clay & seem to have taken up making things out of felt – although most of that is somewhat connected to jewellery making….I also love to bake.

Playing with felt and thread

Your photography is gorgeous and obviously something you do very well. Do you extend this skill to other areas of your life?

Photography is something I enjoy greatly – I love taking photos & also really enjoy the processing side of it. If you look at my Flickr stream, you’ll find lots of nature photography & also self-portraits. I’ve been posting photos there for over four years & have (I think) improved greatly in that time.

Swing fine silver earrings

Anything new coming up for your shop? New methods, designs?

I always enjoy trying new things with my jewellery. Currently I’m loving using scratch-foam to make my own textures & there will be some of those pieces soon. I’ve also been given an introductory silver-smithing course for my birthday & I’m sure some of those techniques will be showing up in my work.

Fine silver pendant

I love how you can see nature in your work. What does the natural world mean to you?

Nature is infinitely intricate & inspiring – the colours, textures & patterns really speak to me. I also come from a family of gardeners, so outside has always been a place to spend time whenever possible.

Silver wing fine silver pendant

Describe your creative process – do you sit down with pen & paper and plan or do you get stuck in with no clear end in mind?

A bit of both really. I have a sketch book full of doodles, drawings & ideas, from which I tend to make a list of projects before I sit down with a batch of clay. Sometimes I even follow the list 😉 What often happens is that I’ll start with the first couple of things & then the textures I’m using will grab me. Or I’ll do something & think, well what if I did that again, but more like this? Things tend to evolve & change as I go.

Creative process in action

Where can you be found about the internet?

Blog : unusualmagic.blogspot.com.au/

Twitter : twitter.com/jewelflyt

Facebook : www.facebook.com/jewelflyt

Flikr : www.flickr.com/photos/jewelflyt/

Pinterest : pinterest.com/unusualmagic/

Shops : www.etsy.com/shop/jewelflyt


Thanks so much Vickie for letting us into your creative world.

I have had my special phone for a while now. I know it can do many, many amazing things I just don’t use it for, but a more recent thing I have gotten into is Instagram. I do hang out occasionally on Twitter, but it doesn’t hold my interest long. I guess I must be a visual kinda person though, because, I am just love checking out Instagram.

All the pics I’ll share here today are mine.

There are some great photographers on there & its just like the twitter – you follow people & see their pics. You can comment and like and share your pics on twitter, facebook, flickr & others.

Its easy to get the pics onto your good old puter too.  INK361.com is a great site you join & log in & voila – there are your pics 🙂

Buy why?  Well its fun.  I have made some lovely connections with people I have “known” via etsy, facebook, twitter etc for a while that I feel is much more than what we have had before.  Seeing what each other is doing, making, cooking etc makes it more real life to me.   I feel more connected with them.

I also like it because we are just posting our own pics.  I have gone off pinterest a bit because of the recent kerfuffles about rights to share pics.  I just don’t feel as good about it anymore.  If I like something on Instagram,  we like the pic & the author of the post knows who is digging their stuff, & that’s where it ends. 🙂 Simple 🙂

I also like that you can comment & interact with the folks taking the pics.  You can #tag stuff very easily too & if you are wanting some inspiration for a crochet project etc – you can search everyone’s pics by typing in #crochet.  Awesome!

As well as posting everyday stuff, there are fun creative challenges to do.  I am really liking doing the FatMumSlim photo-a-day challenges.  Its fun seeing how so many folks all over the world interpret a few words.  Cool!  This is the May list :

My user name on Instagram is “spincushions” – what a surprise!

I’d love to see what photos you take – drop your Instagram username here & I’ll check you out 🙂 (in a non-creepy way – honest LOL)

Last weekend, I took my youngest to the Port Fairy Made Artist Market.  It’s a great little market that happens 4 times a year.  I had a stall last December and had a great time selling my pincushions.  This time though, I had the chance to visit as a shopper.  And shop I did 🙂

My Miss bought along her pocket money and made the first purchase of the day

It a gorgeous little brooch that can also be worn as a pendant.

She also couldn’t resist this

I was drawn to the Claybody table as soon as I saw it.  You know I love my tea and my teacups, so I just had to get this

Each cup had a different doily impression on the bottom.  It a gorgeous cup to drink from.  Very warming for the hands on cold, cold days.

There were lots of other lovely things to buy from just as lovely sellers.  I wish I still had little enough ones to buy a gorgeous Pint softie. You’ll find Pint’s Madeit store here.

How could anyone resist one?

It was a grand day out 🙂  I really recommend going to have a look if you have the chance.  I’ve not seen a market quite like it.  Very beautiful, unique things you just wont find anywhere else.

The market will be on 3 more times this year

 WINTER : Saturday 9 June (Queen’s Birthday weekend)
SPRING : Saturday 13 October (Spring Music Festival, Port Fairy)
SUMMER : Saturday 8 December (pre-Christmas Shopping)

I’ll be selling at the Spring and Summer events.  I am really looking forward to it.  Before then, I hope to share with you some more of the wonders that can be found there. So keep an eye out – it will be interesting!

PS : I have blurred the email & phone numbers of the sellers to avoid spam, but if you would like to contact them, please contact me & I’ll put you in touch.

I was browsing for needle felting one day when I stumbled across the fabulous art of Zoe Williams.

Zoe creates works of art with needle felting.  I find her work incredible, amazing and truly wonderful.  I would love the chance to see it up close.

Seawall by Zoe Williams

Gold Rhino by Zoe Williams

Saola by Zoe Williams

I want you to see more of Zoe’s work and the best place to do that is through her website or her blog – its all fascinating and well worth taking some time to ponder.

Let me know what you think about the rabbits!  Oh my! ❤

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