Coming soon – The In a Spin Sampler Throw Crochet Along

Posted on: October 26, 2012

Hello my friends.  I’ve been teasing you with a vague page about a crochet-along for a while now, but the teasing is almost over.  It’s nearly time to begin!

But first a little background for those of you new to my blog.  At the start of this year, I decided it was time to try (again) to teach myself to crochet. And I did it. I learned by making a new block a week – well in the end I made 4 of every block, just to make sure I knew what I was doing. Now these blocks weren’t your average granny squares, oh no.  Some had flowers, some were very textured, some lacey.  By the end, I found I could actually read crochet patterns – they are not a foreign language anymore.  So I made 3 throws and 3 giant cushions using all the squares I made. Great. Then I made, just for me, a huge, heavy, thick basket-weave throw.  Yippee.

But then I was stuck.  I missed sitting down once a week with a brand new stitch and pattern to try.  I felt lost without it after 25 weeks of it.  What to do?  Well do another, obviously!  But which one?  There are so many out there.

About half way through my “block a week”  thing, I really discovered Ravelry.  I’d known about it and joined ages ago, but never really got into it.  Now I am into it.  Its so wonderful if you like to be organised.  You can catalogue your stash, keep libraries of patterns, keep project diaries with pics and so much more. The  best bits though are the patterns! Oh so many.

And so we come to the “In a Spin Sampler Throw”.  Starting on Friday 16th November 2012, I will be posting a new pattern every week for I don’t now how many weeks.  We could go for years just using Ravelry patterns, and there are many, many other sources of patterns out there too.  I’ve contacted a few designers out there already and they are all keen 🙂

It will be “random” – to coin a teenage phrase.  There will be challenges, but I think we can help each other out and iron out any problems we find out by working on it  together.  To help with this I’ve set up a group on Ravelry where we can talk and help each other.  You’re welcome to go join it now.  It can be found here. There is also the Krista Crochet Group on Facebook where a lot of the members will be joining in too and helping each other.  I would not have completed my last bock a week project without the help of the awesome ladies there.

I wanted to let you know about it now so you can get some wip’s finished and go shopping for some shiny new yarn before we start.  That’s always fun right?  I can’t tell you how much you’ll need, but I have 7 x 200g balls of 8ply cotton on the way to me for mine.  That will be way too much I think. Better to go over though eh?

So off you go – go get some yarn!  I’m so excitied!

The cushions I made with my practice squares


9 Responses to "Coming soon – The In a Spin Sampler Throw Crochet Along"

I can’t wait either! Thank you so much for organising this. You’re wonderful!!!

Shelly i missed out on working along each week with Krista, but have completed 20 squares. So i am really looking forward to working along with you and the group. Can Not Wait. Friday the 16th November 2012.Thanks Shelly

Its an easy thing for me to do Andrea & Jennifer – I was going to do something like this for my own benefit anyway. Its going to be more fun doing it with lots of folks anyway 🙂 Hope you enjoy it ladies 🙂

Oh wow, what perfect timing! I just started crocheting again and I just finished my first block. 🙂 I recently joined Ravelry and saved a bunch of blocks to my favorites for my “Totally Random Afghan/Throw/Blanket thing”. I’ve been looking for a Crochet Along to join so I can’t wait for this to start. 🙂

I missed out on the Krista, so I am really looking forward to doing this one with the Krista group!

That’s great one2! Glad the timing is right for you 🙂

Its fun to work together cookcraftcope 🙂 Hope you enjoy it 🙂

Ok I’m in!! I’m not really good in Ravelry but we shall see. I’m buying yarn online when I get home later today…. Yay I needed a crochet project 🙂

I’ve been wanting to do one of these forever:). Very excited to start!

Welcome Jeanie! I hope you enjoy your first one 🙂 Its a lot of fun 🙂

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