Busy, busy, busy!

Posted on: October 5, 2012

Hello my friends.  Its been all go here over the last week or so.  We are currently on school holidays and have been very busy.

So far, I’ve painted 3 bedrooms

They all chose a variety of blue

My eldest and I visited Melbourne and saw many sights

Such fun!

I managed some crochet on the train

Crochet hearts with my new bamboo handled hook – love it!

And I finished my basket weave throw I started last holidays!  I really love it and it works – I had an accidental snooze after lunch snuggled up in it. Some interesting facts – it weighs 1.4 kgs and took 2.4 km’s of wool!

All finished!

As for the kids, well they’ve been busy too.

Oldest Miss made this paper heart garland to decorate her newly painted room

Paper hearts

Middle miss is an origami master and she is making these for a garland for her room.  The tutorial can be found here.

Origami bows

And the youngest has baked the scrummiest gingerbread cookies.  They didn’t last long.

Cookies – nom nom

Apart from all that, I have a market coming up next week so I have been busy making pincushions.

Cherry Blossom inspired pincushions

Embroidered leaf mini pincushion

Next week, I’ll feature some of the other stall holders and you can see just how fab the Port Fairy Made Artist Market is going to be.

See you next week!


9 Responses to "Busy, busy, busy!"

Wow, you and your clever girls have had a most productive week! I’m not surprised you had an “accidental” snooze!

Just beautiful once again Shelley. Must see if I can find a pattern for those hearts – they are FANTASTIC!!! I see them on our Christmas horizon!

So sorry D! Here’s the link I should have provided in the post :

Its actually been 2 weeks Jane – and boy has that 2 weeks flown! I think I need a holiday before I go back to work 😉

Looks like you’ve been super busy! The QR Code quilt is really cool. Good luck at your market. 🙂

Yes we have Kelly! I am planning a post about the QR thing, once the competition is over 😉

your throw is gorgeous & the garlands look lovely, as does the gingerbread 🙂

Thank you Vickie 🙂 The girls are all very happy with their new rooms 🙂

Loving the blues, the hearts and the gingerbread
(the pincushions too of course!!!)
I’m always sad when the holidays end ( but a little relieved too)

Thanks so much Ally! We love our holidays – no one is very keen to go back to school/work today.

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