I’m off to the big smoke

Posted on: August 10, 2012

Hello my friends.  As you are reading this, I am probably thinking “My head is going to explode” or “I want to go home and do some craft” (Notice I didn’t say the other crafty “c” word – I did promise I would not).  I am heading to the big city for a work conference.  I will love it really and I will come back bursting with enthusiasm and I will be full of ideas, but at the same time part of me will be wishing I was back at my isolated, full of sky and space home, with my family and crafty things.

A girl needs to be prepared for a city adventure.  These are some of the things I wish I was taking with me

Melbourne is a very fun and vibrant city, but it does have a fashion trend that I did follow when I lived there – black is ALWAYS the new black

Long Sleeve Black Wrap Dress by Verily

Of course, I would have to add a splash of colour.  I could go elegant

Dark Purple Pearl Earrings by Rivergum Jewellery

Or I could go a bit more dangley

handmade sterling silver earrings – vintage blue lucite by wingbysea

I can’t do short necklaces, but I am developing a thing for long ones

Necklace Long-Style Raindrops by epheriell

Now I know I will need to take notes.  Something cute and sweet will help me keep my sanity I think.  I actually own this one.  No need for wishing this time.

Cherry Blossom in Valentine Notebook by LittleMo

I’ll be back to the crafty stuff next week.  See you then!


4 Responses to "I’m off to the big smoke"

Wow, have a good trip, but couldn’t you take along a piece of that other crafty c work to keep busy if the conference gets boring?! Love the wish list, they are all gorgeous. Have a good time!

Haha Jane – I did just that I was laughed at by my work mates – laughed at! Some folks just don’t get the power of “c”

ooh thanks for featuring my earrings Shelley!

No probs Michelle – I love them so it was easy to do 🙂

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