Pin it? (Not about pincushions!)

Posted on: July 27, 2012

Not so long ago, I started to get into Pinterest.  What better way to keep track of awesomeness I thought?  Then I started to read about some issues with it from lots of different sources.  I am not going to go into it all now, but suffice to say, it was enough to stop me using it for a while.  There have been some policy changes and while I am not sure if the issues are resolved fully, I am warily pinning again.

(Although, preparing this blog post has made me think again. I think it is so important to make sure you are pinning the actual person who created the thing’s work.  Not re-pinning a pic someone put on their blog and did not link to the creator.  There were some other wonderful things I was going to share, but folks have not pinned in the honest way I believe they should.  I will not perpetuate it by linking to someone who has done the wrong thing and I will be removing those things I have inadvertently pinned.)

So, what can I show you that I have been pinning?  Here’s a small glimpse. Clicking the images will take you to the source of the pic, not Pinterest.  Credit due to the creators don’t you think?

I pinned this because of the border stitch. There is no pattern, the maker made it up as she went. Clever lady!

Hot Chocolate Cupcakes! If I show this to my girls, they will WANT to make them. Very clever – from Diary of a Ladybird blog

From Martha Stewart – amazingly tiny crochet

Lovely embroidery and a lovely story of how it came to be made – very sweet blog post from The Smallest Forest

Textured crochet method – loads of possibilities for this – from a Russian blog

Great idea – wonderful tutorial too. I might just have to make some for xmas pressies 🙂 From Dog Under My Desk blog

The hot chocolate cupcakes is a case in point.  I first saw them in my Facebook feed, posted by a recipe website.  Ooh Yum I thought & went to look for the recipe to Pin it.  Hmm.  No link with the pic.  Not on their website.  Curious.  So I searched “Hot Chocolate Cupcakes” in good old google and found the true source of the pic – Diary of a Ladybird blog. So I pinned from there.

So there you have it.  I love how Pinterest can organise the wonderful things you can find on the internet, but I am still not 100% comfortable with it.  I will be more wary when re-pinning from now on.  I will make sure the pin is a direct link to the creator before re-pinning or just pin the from creators site myself.  How about you? Are you trustworthy with other people’s work?


6 Responses to "Pin it? (Not about pincushions!)"

Thank you for the opinion. I admit I haven’t been as good as I should. Many of my things have been repins of repins. If you do want to ever repin some original paintings though check out my ”
Artpoet Original Paintings section.” I love repins. Thanks for sharing the cupcake it looks amazing.

Love the pics! I agree with you. When I find things on Pinterest, I always hunt and hunt for the original source. I get frustrated when my clicks get lost in an endless loop. It does take effort though. I don’t pin anything on Pinterest. I just look at the pictures.

Great post, I went off it for quite a while too but mainly because we started to use a tablet computer for our internet browsing at home. Sometimes it’s even too hard to change the description let alone try and check links. I’m planning to check through my boards this weekend to fix any of my pins – on our desktop though 🙂

Thanks folks 🙂 I don’t have a problem re-pinning if the source is good. I must admit I hadn’t thought of the re-pinning kudos some folks must feel & potential flack from that, but really – I still think crediting the creator should be value more that who found the thing first.

I like using Pinterest to keep track of things I find inipsring, color combinations I enjoy, tutorials for blocks, or your link to “how to block a quilt”, I pinned that. I’ve wondered about the copyright issues, but I am copying work that is online already, and it links back to the original place it came from, so I think, and I could be wrong, but I believe that it will ultimately give the people whose work I admire, greater exposure as people see my pins and discover new artists or ideas from them. Perhaps I’m being naive here, but I don’t see the downside. As for “drama” or somehow feeling inferior due to someone’s pins, I don’t get that at all. There is no drama to be had with the way I approach it, but then again, maybe I just see what I want and the rest doesn’t make an impression.

I’m glad there are people out there that aren’t osebssing over it. I started pinning a LONG time ago and mostly use it for organizational purposes not for the social aspects.It’s actually getting overcrowded. It used to be people who had similar tastes to mine, but now everybody’s doing it and re-pinning the same crap. I read a LOT of blogs and I pin stuff that I want to use later from these blogs. I hardly ever go on the site itself, other than to look up something I’d pinned on my own board. It’s just too much to look at. And people are starting to comment on things and fight over crap like it’s facebook. It’s just obnoxious.I pin patterns for crafts, recipes, things I would like to buy, etc. Most of the pins I “collected” have been used later. We use my recipe boards when making our grocery decisions weekly try to do one new recipe a week. I also use my craft pattern boards frequently.Basically, for me, Pinterest fit a need that I had. I was collecting recipes, exercise moves and craft patterns as PDFs and storing them on my external hard drive. I was almost ready to create a database for them (using Filemaker’s Bento) but then I discovered Pinterest.Of course, I do have some fun things on there … a board filled with attractive men is one … but those boards have FAR less pins on them than the ones I actually use. Thanks for sharing!

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