The plan is working…

Posted on: July 6, 2012

Last week I shared with you my plan for the school holidays.  Well, one week in and its working well. 🙂

We have been crossing things off our lists left right & centre.  Here’s just some of what we’ve been up to

Ripple crochet cushion cover progress

Lemon tart by oldest

Netbook bag sewing by middlest – who has also created the pattern herself

Beanie made for the 100 Beanie Drive (click the pic  just over on the right for more info)

Taught smallest how to sew buttons

Block 20 of my block a week crochet throw

Prepped ladybirds for pincushions

Listed some stuff

Lime & white chocolate fingers by middlest

Quiche for lunch by youngest

Ladybirds pincushion made

Looked for whales – didn’t see any

Got some exercise

Pondered where to go

Finished my ripple cushion

Made a new ladybird pincushion for my shop (available soon)

Played Cluedo

I haven’t been able to start my ambitious crochet throw because I ordered the wool online and it hasn’t arrived yet.  I’ve been a bit like an excited  puppy, racing to the collect the mail each day and been disappointed.  Maybe today?  Hope so 🙂

Plus we went to the movies,  sorted a lot of cupboards and drawers about the house & did a bit of a spring clean in winter .  I am one happy camper 🙂  Next week will be a lot different as we’ll be having a social week – lots of friends, lunches, sleep overs and fun.  Hopefully, I’ll still be crossing off things from my lists.

Before I leave you this week, if you have  a spare minute, pop on over to the  100 beanie drive.  Its being organised by my online friend Jess of epheriell designs.  Jess is asking for beanies, scarves and gloves to be donated to patients battling cancer.  I am sure we all know someone who has been through this.  The beanie drive is a small way to help someone feel a moment of being warm in their heart as well as bodily, and know that someone out there is thinking of them.

How have your holidays been?


2 Responses to "The plan is working…"

omg Shelley! you have all been SO busy & productive! and those lime & white choc fingers look divine – are you going to share the recipe?

We have Julie! I can share – check out the blog this Friday 🙂

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