I have a plan….

Posted on: June 29, 2012

Hello my blog friends 🙂

In my part of the world, 2 week of school holidays starts at the end of today.  Huzzah!   We are not going away at all.  We’ll be staying around the local area – a staycation.

I often run into other mothers during the holidays and I hear so much moaning!  You know the kind of thing – “I hate having the kids underfoot”, “I can’t wait til school goes back”, “the kids are driving me mad”.  I have never got that.  I love having my family about.  We do things together, make things, bake things, spend time on our own, go places and generally have fun.  I hate it when they end.

I love it when they start.  This week has been full of anticipation. I am a list maker.  Love a good list.  I love the satisfaction of crossing things off.

letterpress to do list. eventually by shopsaplingpress

My lists are still a work in progress, but my basic plan for these holidays is fairly simple.  Every day we will clean some part of the house, organise a drawer or cupboard, cook something and make something.  4 Lists – so much to cross off hehe.

The Make-A-List To Do Stamp by TheSmallObject

This is what I am planning on making a start on.  Its a pretty ambitious project for me as a beginner crocheter, but I just love it.  I have made a sampler square using basketweave stitch and once I got the hang of it, I loved it.  If you know me at all, you will have already worked out I will be doing it in another colour though.  🙂

Basketweave Twists Afghan

How do you feel about school holidays?  Do you make grand plans?


4 Responses to "I have a plan…."

haha! I love the fact that I don’t have the mad mad rush in the morning! I love them for their casualness. I’ve got a couple of fun things to do with the kids, but mostly, I am happy to let the days float by…
I am an endless list maker too ~ although sometimes they work, and sometimes they don’t…

hehe Julie – I love that too – the not having to be anywhere at any particular time. Should I have mentioned that my lists are often full of more intention than acton?

yayy for school holidays – my boys are excited! not sure I feel the same haha…the throw looks beautiful!! goodluck with your new project!

Thanks AC – about to order the wool! Exciting times for all hehe

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