Instagram? Insta-fun!

Posted on: May 4, 2012

I have had my special phone for a while now. I know it can do many, many amazing things I just don’t use it for, but a more recent thing I have gotten into is Instagram. I do hang out occasionally on Twitter, but it doesn’t hold my interest long. I guess I must be a visual kinda person though, because, I am just love checking out Instagram.

All the pics I’ll share here today are mine.

There are some great photographers on there & its just like the twitter – you follow people & see their pics. You can comment and like and share your pics on twitter, facebook, flickr & others.

Its easy to get the pics onto your good old puter too.  INK361.com is a great site you join & log in & voila – there are your pics 🙂

Buy why?  Well its fun.  I have made some lovely connections with people I have “known” via etsy, facebook, twitter etc for a while that I feel is much more than what we have had before.  Seeing what each other is doing, making, cooking etc makes it more real life to me.   I feel more connected with them.

I also like it because we are just posting our own pics.  I have gone off pinterest a bit because of the recent kerfuffles about rights to share pics.  I just don’t feel as good about it anymore.  If I like something on Instagram,  we like the pic & the author of the post knows who is digging their stuff, & that’s where it ends. 🙂 Simple 🙂

I also like that you can comment & interact with the folks taking the pics.  You can #tag stuff very easily too & if you are wanting some inspiration for a crochet project etc – you can search everyone’s pics by typing in #crochet.  Awesome!

As well as posting everyday stuff, there are fun creative challenges to do.  I am really liking doing the FatMumSlim photo-a-day challenges.  Its fun seeing how so many folks all over the world interpret a few words.  Cool!  This is the May list :

My user name on Instagram is “spincushions” – what a surprise!

I’d love to see what photos you take – drop your Instagram username here & I’ll check you out 🙂 (in a non-creepy way – honest LOL)


5 Responses to "Instagram? Insta-fun!"

These are fab photos…why not put some up for sale on etsy….

Aww sweet of you Chrisy – I am only doing it for fun though 🙂

Totally agree, I could never get into Twitter and deleted my account very early on, but I am totally addicted in instagram, very visual and very up my alley.

Glad its not just me Erika 🙂 I am looking forward to seeing your world 🙂

[…] have found the odd small project I have had to have a go at then & there. Combining my love of Instgram & crochet here […]

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