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I am loving my foray into the crochet world.  As I spoke about in this post, I am making 3 crochet sampler throws for my girls.  But my fingers are itching in between the release of the block each week, so I have been trawling the internets for my next project.

In my travels I have found the odd small project I have had to have a go at then & there. Combining my love of Instgram & crochet here :

There are just so many places to find awesome crochet patterns.

Lionbrand.com has lots of free patterns for free – you only need to sign up to see them.  There are 450+ crochet throws to be found there.

Garnstudio.com has so many crochet things with lovely photography – rare for crochet sites I am finding hehe

Patonsyarns.com is another you only need to join to get access to free pattens – 10 pages of them

Anniesattic.com has lots of patterns to crochet, as well as knitting & other crafts.

Redheart.com has some lovely throws like this one  over 250 in fact. Not sure if my skills are up to this though (must say I really dislike the cheesy pics on this site) :

Crochetpatterncentral.com and Allfreecrochet.com are directory sites of thousands of links to patterns on the web.

Freevintagecrochet.com is an interesting one.  Loads of vintage crochet patterns & books available.  There have been some, well, odd to say the least things crocheted in the past.  How about a crochet tie for hubby to wear to work?  hehe

Ravelry.com is different to the above commercial sites.  Its an online community where you can not only find lots of patterns created by folks, you can keep notes about projects and interact with yarn & wool lovers from around the world.  Its where I found the 3 patterns for the things I made above 🙂

Craftsy.com is an awesome site I have just come across today in my search – thanks Nadine of the Krista Crochet Group on Facebook.  It is another online community that is not just to do with yarn, its all craft and I have just dipped my toe in as yet.  So many things I can learn & make!  Plus the added bonus of no cheese!  The pics are all fabulous here.  All the pics below will take you to the patterns if you click on them.   I need some more time!  You may not see me for a while…..



I love how the human brain works.  I was reading somewhere about how personalised gifts just keep getting bigger & bigger.  You can pretty much get anything you could imagine with your initial emblazoned on it.  So, of course I thought of pincushions with initials. Nothing new there.  Lots of folks make them.  This is my take on them.   I hand cut each of the initials 🙂

This was my first basic style, simple but effective I think with the colour combos.

Then, I had thoughts to add a little more, and so the next style was born

Of course, my head kept going

But that’s not where it ends, oh no.  I am now working on a completely embroidered design.  I am sure that wont be the end of it either 🙂

Does your brain keep expanding from one idea too?

Its been a busy week so no thoughts as such to share, just some lovely tea drinking paraphernalia instead.  Enjoy 🙂

White teapot for two by clamlab

Ceramic Teacup and Dogwood Blossom Plate/Saucer by WhitneySmith

Ceramic Teacup and Dogwood Blossom Plate/Saucer by WhitneySmith

Mug - Hand painted - Blue flower by Artisvast

Mug – Hand painted – Blue flower by Artisvast

Tea - Back Porch Blend - No.19 : 2oz - Organic Black Tea by TeaHoundsTeaCo

Tea – Back Porch Blend – No.19 – Organic Black Tea by TeaHoundsTeaCo

Tea Pot Cozy, Knitted tea cosy, white color teapot cozy with red flowers, mothers day gifts by IskaCreations

Tea Pot Cozy, Knitted with red flowers, by IskaCreations


Hand Stamped Silverware Spoons Tea Set by BabyPuppyDesigns

Hand Stamped Silverware Spoons Tea Set by BabyPuppyDesigns

I have had my special phone for a while now. I know it can do many, many amazing things I just don’t use it for, but a more recent thing I have gotten into is Instagram. I do hang out occasionally on Twitter, but it doesn’t hold my interest long. I guess I must be a visual kinda person though, because, I am just love checking out Instagram.

All the pics I’ll share here today are mine.

There are some great photographers on there & its just like the twitter – you follow people & see their pics. You can comment and like and share your pics on twitter, facebook, flickr & others.

Its easy to get the pics onto your good old puter too.  INK361.com is a great site you join & log in & voila – there are your pics 🙂

Buy why?  Well its fun.  I have made some lovely connections with people I have “known” via etsy, facebook, twitter etc for a while that I feel is much more than what we have had before.  Seeing what each other is doing, making, cooking etc makes it more real life to me.   I feel more connected with them.

I also like it because we are just posting our own pics.  I have gone off pinterest a bit because of the recent kerfuffles about rights to share pics.  I just don’t feel as good about it anymore.  If I like something on Instagram,  we like the pic & the author of the post knows who is digging their stuff, & that’s where it ends. 🙂 Simple 🙂

I also like that you can comment & interact with the folks taking the pics.  You can #tag stuff very easily too & if you are wanting some inspiration for a crochet project etc – you can search everyone’s pics by typing in #crochet.  Awesome!

As well as posting everyday stuff, there are fun creative challenges to do.  I am really liking doing the FatMumSlim photo-a-day challenges.  Its fun seeing how so many folks all over the world interpret a few words.  Cool!  This is the May list :

My user name on Instagram is “spincushions” – what a surprise!

I’d love to see what photos you take – drop your Instagram username here & I’ll check you out 🙂 (in a non-creepy way – honest LOL)

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