Who says I have to?

Posted on: April 20, 2012

You know, its hard to listen to yourself sometimes.  Sometimes, even though I have misgivings, I do something that has been suggested by someone else or I am influenced by others into doing something that is not a direction I would normally go.

One such adventure was my foray into the world of kits.  So many people told me I should make my pincushions as kits so others could make them.

Don’t get me wrong, I am proud of them to a certain extent.  I worked for many hours on each one.  I made sure the patterns all worked.  I had them tested by others.  I wrote & re-wrote the instructions many times over.  I took photo after photo and edited soooo many pics.  I spent countless hours on them really.  Sure, I got excited about the newness of the idea & what I could do with it, but here’s the kicker – I never really ENJOYED one moment of the process.

I forgot that I make pincushions.  Its what I do and I love it.  The preparation is not the fun bit for me.  The fun bit is making each one with love and care.  The fun bit is using my hands to create something fun, colourful and hopefully wonderful for those who get one – whether that is via a gift or purchase.

So I have thought long and hard and I have decided not to make kits anymore.  I have a few in stock that I are available at a reduced price in my Etsy storeMadeit store and Facebook store, but once they are gone, that’s it – no more kits.

This means I can concentrate more on what I love to do – make pincushions!  Back to my happy place again.

Have you been influenced like me into doing something that didn’t fit who you are & what you do?

P.S. – only 1 red penguin kit left – either via my facebook store by clicking the pic above or here in my etsy store



2 Responses to "Who says I have to?"

well done – i had to learn the same thing and now only make what i love, which people can choose to buy or not =)

Thanks stitchedupmama 🙂

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