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Something new today.  One of the places I sell my pincushions is my Madeit store.  Today, I will share with you some of the other lovely things you can find there.

Its very cold, wet and wintery here at the moment and I feel the need for some sunshine.  These things are hopefully warming for you as well 🙂

Vintage Fabric Brooch by Radishanruth

13" Macbook sleeve: Original hand printed design on yellow wool felt by ambette

Sunny Bunny" Wooden Brooch by eachtoown

You wash I'll Dry Tea Towel by MyWoodenHeart

Sterling Silver Hammered Ring Charm Enamel Drop Earrings by lafemmeJewels

Hope these lovelies have warmed your day a little 🙂  See you next week with some Instagram fun 🙂


You know, its hard to listen to yourself sometimes.  Sometimes, even though I have misgivings, I do something that has been suggested by someone else or I am influenced by others into doing something that is not a direction I would normally go.

One such adventure was my foray into the world of kits.  So many people told me I should make my pincushions as kits so others could make them.

Don’t get me wrong, I am proud of them to a certain extent.  I worked for many hours on each one.  I made sure the patterns all worked.  I had them tested by others.  I wrote & re-wrote the instructions many times over.  I took photo after photo and edited soooo many pics.  I spent countless hours on them really.  Sure, I got excited about the newness of the idea & what I could do with it, but here’s the kicker – I never really ENJOYED one moment of the process.

I forgot that I make pincushions.  Its what I do and I love it.  The preparation is not the fun bit for me.  The fun bit is making each one with love and care.  The fun bit is using my hands to create something fun, colourful and hopefully wonderful for those who get one – whether that is via a gift or purchase.

So I have thought long and hard and I have decided not to make kits anymore.  I have a few in stock that I are available at a reduced price in my Etsy storeMadeit store and Facebook store, but once they are gone, that’s it – no more kits.

This means I can concentrate more on what I love to do – make pincushions!  Back to my happy place again.

Have you been influenced like me into doing something that didn’t fit who you are & what you do?

P.S. – only 1 red penguin kit left – either via my facebook store by clicking the pic above or here in my etsy store


Last weekend, I took my youngest to the Port Fairy Made Artist Market.  It’s a great little market that happens 4 times a year.  I had a stall last December and had a great time selling my pincushions.  This time though, I had the chance to visit as a shopper.  And shop I did 🙂

My Miss bought along her pocket money and made the first purchase of the day

It a gorgeous little brooch that can also be worn as a pendant.

She also couldn’t resist this

I was drawn to the Claybody table as soon as I saw it.  You know I love my tea and my teacups, so I just had to get this

Each cup had a different doily impression on the bottom.  It a gorgeous cup to drink from.  Very warming for the hands on cold, cold days.

There were lots of other lovely things to buy from just as lovely sellers.  I wish I still had little enough ones to buy a gorgeous Pint softie. You’ll find Pint’s Madeit store here.

How could anyone resist one?

It was a grand day out 🙂  I really recommend going to have a look if you have the chance.  I’ve not seen a market quite like it.  Very beautiful, unique things you just wont find anywhere else.

The market will be on 3 more times this year

 WINTER : Saturday 9 June (Queen’s Birthday weekend)
SPRING : Saturday 13 October (Spring Music Festival, Port Fairy)
SUMMER : Saturday 8 December (pre-Christmas Shopping)

I’ll be selling at the Spring and Summer events.  I am really looking forward to it.  Before then, I hope to share with you some more of the wonders that can be found there. So keep an eye out – it will be interesting!

PS : I have blurred the email & phone numbers of the sellers to avoid spam, but if you would like to contact them, please contact me & I’ll put you in touch.

I love good old fashioned crochet.  I do.  When I was 10, I crocheted a granny square rug for my new baby sister.  Clever huh?

But then, I did not pick up a crochet hook again until last year. That’s a LOT of years in between! I became enamoured of arimigumi and thought, hey I could do that!  I got all enthusiastic and bought heaps of wool and hooks & pretty quickly found out that I could not crochet.  Sure I could crochet a granny using 3 treble clusters, but there is SO much more to crochet than I ever knew.   It was all so confusing to my tiny mind – another language really  😦  So I gave it up in disgust.

Then, not so long ago, I saw on Facebook that Spotlightwas going to release a block a week pattern for a throw rug that uses all different crochet stitches for each block.  It called the Krista Throw.  Hooray!  A way to play & learn.  I can do that I thought!

And I have been doing it.  Each week, I have been looking forward to Friday when I can come home, print the new pattern & sit down after dinner to crochet my lil heart out 🙂

I’m up to block 8 now & while some have been a little challenging, I am pretty pleased with my efforts so far. I know they are far from perfect, but hey I’m still happy 🙂

I have decided to make 3 throws – one for each girlchild. One I am doing multicoloured using up all that wool I bought last year, using US terminology and the recommended hook size.  It will be , um, eye catching to say the least LOL.   The other 2 I am doing in a lovely blue using International terminology, but each using a different sized hook.  I figure doing each block 3 times helps me to learn and remember what I am doing. I feel like I am beginning to understand this other language 🙂

I would not have made the progress I have without the help of a lovely group of ladies in a Facebook Group set up for the Krista throw.  Each week, the experienced crocheters help out us beginners with the pattern wordings and tips on stuff you don’t know about just reading the pattern – like the fact that there is US & International terminology that mean different things and what blocking is.  They also tempt us with lots of fabulous crochet projects.

I have a few things on my wish list of things I want to make next – including this one which is a free pattern available through Redheart.com.

Then I had to go to my local library & just happened to borrow some crochet books.

So many options!

I was very happy to find Renate’s book at my tiny little local library.  Ren is a member of the DUST team on etsy like me and is so creative with her crochet.  Check out her blog to see just how amazing she is. 🙂 I think I might need to devote a whole blog post to Renate.  So much to share!

I’ll show you the finished throws later in the year when I am done.  I love a new challenge!

Have you started a new creatively challenging thing lately? I’d love to hear about it 🙂

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