Once upon a time..

Posted on: March 2, 2012

Stages.  I go through them.  Some last years (current pincushion obsession) others last months.

One about 9 years ago that lasted about 6 months was my drawing stage.  For my birthday I received a gift voucher for an art supplies shop.  I love art supplies.  I love the potential of all the lovely colours, pencils, charcoal, chalks, paper.  I love looking at it all, but had never before been game to have a go.  I had not drawn since school and never classed myself as a drawer – I still don’t. I think it is something anyone can do, but to be called an illustrator or artist you need that special talent that takes your work above and beyond the everyday.

Anyway,  I bought myself some lovely paper, pencils & charcoals and had some fun doodling.  My kids recently found my efforts and while they are all very amatuerish and doodley, I am still quite happy with some of them so I thought I would share some with you.

I was going to explain each, but I think I’ll let you take what you will from them. I will say the last one is my favourite.  Hope you enjoy 🙂


6 Responses to "Once upon a time.."

Shelley, so lovely to see your art. You are a woman of many talents! ❤ Kate

I love the last one you’ve shown and the third is a bit georgia o’keefe.

Do you draw your patterns, sketch your ideas for Pincushions? I’m always interested how other soft sculpture ppl do it as I just work with a shape pattern and cut out the details free-hand.

I dont consider myself someone who can draw at all but have been giving it a go as it is something I really want to be able to kinda do and am quite happy with the amateurish naive results.

wow, way to go! having fun and creating some really interesting and beautiful art.

Thanks Kate, Simmone & Starry 🙂

Simmone – I do sometimes sketch my pincushion design ideas – when I have no time to get out the felt & play & an idea wont leave me alone, but not too often. I usually work as you do & freehand cut most things as I go. My sketches are very um, scribbly LOL and probably only make sense to me.

I am glad you’ve been having a go too. It is fun 🙂 Maybe you’ll share too one day?

love the last two 🙂

Kind of you to say – thank you 🙂

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