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I was browsing for needle felting one day when I stumbled across the fabulous art of Zoe Williams.

Zoe creates works of art with needle felting.  I find her work incredible, amazing and truly wonderful.  I would love the chance to see it up close.

Seawall by Zoe Williams

Gold Rhino by Zoe Williams

Saola by Zoe Williams

I want you to see more of Zoe’s work and the best place to do that is through her website or her blog – its all fascinating and well worth taking some time to ponder.

Let me know what you think about the rabbits!  Oh my! ❤


Today, I thought you may like to see what goes on to make my pincushions.

Every now & then, I sit down to my big kitchen table with my pile of felt and go nuts preparing pincushions for sewing.

felt pile

I have my popular designs that I make reglarly, but I also always have ideas kicking around I need to try too.  Today was a day for both types of preparation.  I am out of peacocks (my biggest seller), I have a creative challenge to meet for an etsy team I belong to, and I want to upsize a couple of mini pincushions I’ve made recently.  This is the extent of my written plans for this session.  Not much eh? LOL  A slack prep day today!

And so on to cutting!

I cut my felt a few different ways.  I do die cut a couple of things – like my big circles, and use the rotary cutter for the sides, but most other things are cut with good old scissors freehand, making it up as I go.

If a design turns out to be popular, I will sometimes make a pattern to make it a little less fiddly and time consuming when it comes to preparation.

Once all the cutting is done, its on to embroidery thread selection and then the prep is all done.  8 pincushions ready to be made!

Now its on to the fun part – the sewing!  I’ll show you once they are all done. 🙂

Shameless self promotion today.  I am a bit tired of looking at some of my older stock, so I am having a little sale over the next couple of days via my Facebook Page.

The sale will kick off at 8pm tonight my time – Australian Eastern Standard Summer Time.  All you have to do is check out the photo album called Sale Time – 16th – 18th March 2012.  I’ll have all the details there by 8pm on how to purchase your pick 🙂

Here’s a peak of some that will be available.

Hope you can spare a minute over the weekend to have a peak 🙂 Thanks folks 🙂

Wow – I am in love with this etsy shop.  I have mentioned before my love of botanical art.  When I saw this shop, my heart skipped a beat & I wanted to buy everything! I controlled myself though and I have put something from this shop at the top of my list if anyone asks me what I want in future.

Artwares by Yevgenia

Hand Painted Ceramic Tea Set - Grass Fields Collection

Hand Painted Ceramic Tea Set - Grass Fields Collection

Small Round Ceramic Jewelry Box - Red Succulent Plant

Ceramic Eco-Friendly Travel Mug - Cyclamen, Botanical Collection

Ceramic Eco-Friendly Travel Mug - Cyclamen, Botanical Collection

Custom Painted with Any Botanical Design - White Ceramic Noodle Bowl

Custom Painted with Any Botanical Design - White Ceramic Noodle Bowl

Isn’t it all just so beautiful?

Stages.  I go through them.  Some last years (current pincushion obsession) others last months.

One about 9 years ago that lasted about 6 months was my drawing stage.  For my birthday I received a gift voucher for an art supplies shop.  I love art supplies.  I love the potential of all the lovely colours, pencils, charcoal, chalks, paper.  I love looking at it all, but had never before been game to have a go.  I had not drawn since school and never classed myself as a drawer – I still don’t. I think it is something anyone can do, but to be called an illustrator or artist you need that special talent that takes your work above and beyond the everyday.

Anyway,  I bought myself some lovely paper, pencils & charcoals and had some fun doodling.  My kids recently found my efforts and while they are all very amatuerish and doodley, I am still quite happy with some of them so I thought I would share some with you.

I was going to explain each, but I think I’ll let you take what you will from them. I will say the last one is my favourite.  Hope you enjoy 🙂

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