I feel old…

Posted on: January 10, 2012

Happy New Year my friends.

I have committed myself to weekly blog posts this year.  I’ve even already pencilled blog posts in my new diary – don’t you just love the organised feeling of a new diary? All the birthdays marked, special events, even the bills.

So, as I’ve committeed myself mentally & on paper, I thought it was time to get my own domain registered and really get  Spincushions out there in the world.  This is where the old bit comes in…

Question Marks by Epheriell

Question Mark earrings by Epheriell on etsy

I have been sitting here for hours, struggling to understand HTML, DNS, java stuff and the list goes on.  Perhaps my confusion and feelings of age are more easily understood if you realise that my first experiences with computers were way back in high school when we had 1 hour a week to learn BASIC.  Good old DOS haha.  Yes I even had a Commadore 64 that I used to write game programs in BASIC for.  If, then, =,  brackets galore etc – those days were so simple & logical!  (Some of you younger one’s may need to google those things hehe)

On reflection , perhaps I should be proud of myself for getting there in the end – there is a universe of difference between the world of DOS and the wonders of the internet.  Yes I think I am proud.  I’ll persevere and see you every week. 🙂


2 Responses to "I feel old…"

I look forward to your posts! I’m also trying to blog regularly, it can be hard to fit in sometimes.

I have absolutely no clue about almost anything with code etc, so although I’d like my own website I cannot afford to pay someone and I really would struggle to find the time to learn and maintain my own. Oh well, I’ve got fb, blogger, and etsy to keep me.

Good luck with learning more coding and your website!

Thanks Simmone 🙂 It is hard to find the time, but I AM doing it this year.

Good luck with finding time for yours 🙂

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