Sewing Machine Fear – I have it

Posted on: July 26, 2011

Yes, it’s true.  I will tackle anything requiring a needle and thread.  Mega complex cross-stitch? No problem.  Need a hem taken up? Sure.  Make me a pincushion by hand?  Hey – its what I do.  BUT make something from a pattern on a sewing machine?  Yikes!

I have dabbled.  I have made clothes for my kids when they were tiny.  I made hats, dresses, dolls & their clothes, but to be honest they all looked very, well…..homemade.  I am completely self taught which is probably explains why I am not so good at this crafty skill. More recently, I have made bags as I’ve shown here and they have turned out quite well, which has given me the little confidence boost I needed to take the next step in overcoming my sewing machine fear.

I have today signed up forThe Haby Goddess‘s online sewing course.  The details can be found here.  Its a six week course that shows you step by step lots of awesome sewing basics.  Its starts 1 August and I can’t wait.  It will be great having all the info I need in small bits at my fingertips without waiting forever for perhaps not so good youtube things to load.  Heck there are things to be covered that I have never even heard of before too.

So here’s to a productive six weeks of learning!


5 Responses to "Sewing Machine Fear – I have it"

YAY for sewing! What a fabulous idea. I wish I’d thought of an ecourse when I was learning to sew then I mightn’t have wasted so many meters of fabric on terrible projects! Haha.

Have fun doing it!

Great idea! Thank you for the link. I hope you get over your fear and have a lot of fun, Shelley!!

Thanks Rach & Kate. I am really looking forward to it. There will be no excuse for my silly fear anymore after this I am hoping 🙂

I’ll help you lose that fear if it’s the last thing I do Shelley 🙂
See you tomorrow!

Yay! It starts today! Thanks Haby Goddess! I am just a bit excited wishing I did not have to do day job LOL

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