Felt ladybird tutorial

Posted on: July 13, 2011

I have a bit of a fascination with ladybirds. Or is it ladybugs?  I think it depends where you live.  No matter what you call them, they make an appearance quite frequently on my pincushions. Such a cute little things with bold bright colours.  What’s not to love?

Today I thought I would share with you my very simple yet effective way to sew a felt ladybird.  You could sew it on just about anything.

The only things you need are scraps of red & black felt, black embroidery thread, scissors & a needle.Things you need to embroider a felt ladybird

Step 1

Cut a square-ish shape from your red felt scrap.  I vary the sizes a bit, but a good starting point is about 1/2 an inch or just over 1 cm.  No need to be too precise.

Red squares

Step 2

Then with small scissors, round off the corners.  Keep trimming until you get a nice round circular shape for the ladybird bodies.

trim until you have a circle

Step 3

Cut a small rectangle from the black felt scrap for the ladybird heads.  About a 1/4 of an inch or half a cm long by half that wide,  just so they are in proportion with your red circles

Black rectangles

Step 4

Then round 2 corners to made a rough half oval shape.

Semi-ovals for heads

Step 5

Thread your needle with 2 strands of black embroidery thread.  Position your ladybird body & head on your work – no need for pins, just hold with your fingers.  Come up through the head from under and sew 2 small stitches on either side  of the black felt head to hold the it in place.  Then come up through the head in about the middle near the body.  Sew one big long stitch straight down the middle & over the top of the body.  Do not stitch through the body, but over it.

Make one big stitch over the body

Click on this picture for a close up view

Step 6

French knot time! (Click  here for a you tube video on how to do a french knot)  I like to do my french knots wrapping the thread twice around the needle.  If you want a bigger knot, then do 3 wraps, or just 1 wrap if you are after a smaller knot.  I like to position my knots symmetrically.  Of course you can place them where ever you like & how many you like too 🙂

French knot spots

Step 7

Now its time for the final details – the legs and antenna.   To do the antenna you can do simple small straight stitches and leave it at that, or you can add french knots to the ends as well.   Then its on to the legs. Start from near the top dot but come up from under the body.  Each leg is made with 2 straight stitches at a right angle or less to each other.  They look like little “v” shapes in isolation. Sew 3 each side.

Stitching the legs

And that’s it!  Job done 🙂

3 finished ladybirds

Off you go – go sew some ladybirds!


12 Responses to "Felt ladybird tutorial"

Ohh, cute!

I love Lady beetles (thats what I call them).

Also, very effective and simple way to make them!

I like ladybird… they got that name from a symbolic association with our Lady Mary, and when I was playing Mary in the nativity, on the night of our performance a ladybird was crawling on the baby Jesus… I was mystified how it got there, we were deep inside a large building with no garden outside or indoor plants of any kind. Just a little piece of life’s joyful magic!
I will try to make these, thanks for sharing, at least felt is something I can manage.

Thank you for sharing some of your amazing talent! You make it look “easy”…even for someone like me who can’t sew a straight line. 😀

Wow! Thank you for sharing some of your magic. I love how easy you made it look. They are so cute!

Thanks for stopping by ladies 🙂

I swear it is as easy as it looks! Really!

Nice story Starry too. They do seem to find their way into odd places. I have quite often found them inside 🙂

There so cute! In the village I loved in Norfolk as a child they called them bishee-barnabees

I’m going to have to make some of these!

Bishee-barnabees! How cute. I have not heard that before. I hope you have fun making them Rae 🙂

Thank you! Awesome tutorial, so easy and just what I needed.


I’m glad you found it helpful Dona 🙂 Thanks for taking the time to comment 🙂

I just love your little lady bugs. That’s what they’re called in my part of Canada. I’ve added them to my list of wee felt things to make for Christmas. Can’t wait for the reaction when people see them on my tiny tree. Thanks for the really great tutorial.

I adore lady bugs (I call them lady bugs as they are bugs, not birds, just my preference) I am so pinning this, to make one day. Thank you!

Thanks Cat 🙂 I call them bugs sometimes too – all depends where you grew up 🙂 I hope you like making them 🙂

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