I have brains!

Posted on: June 24, 2011

A little while back, I featured Your Organ Grinder in this post.  We got to know each other a little bit during the process of the giveaway and we decided that we loved each other’s work so much we’d swap.

I sent a bug covered pincushion & a spider brooch and I received in return an awesome brain & eyeball hair tie.

Brains and jar

So detailed - love it

Brain and jar

Who's got brains? I do

eyeball and brain from Your Organ Grinder

Eyeball hair tie and brain in a jar - awesome!

Thanks so much Simmone!


4 Responses to "I have brains!"

Love it! The detail is amazing…looks a bit fiddly. Small fingers????

I’ll have to share this with my Mum. She’s a theatre nurse…I reckon she’ll love it!

Thanks for featuring my work again! Hope you are enjoying shaking up your brains (one of my friends pointed out that she does that with hers)! I love my pincushion, it lives on my desk now that i cleaned up a bit and my bird can no longer reach my pins.

haha Mandie, I do have small hands and keep my nail short, but I stab myself A LOT!

My pleasure Simmone – I had to share its so fabulous! I hadn’t thought to shake my brains haha. Maybe I can give it to the kids so they can shake their sillies out if the need arises.

Glad your bird is safe now from pinjury. Bit worried about the stabbing though 😉

Hope your Mum gets a kick out of it Kate 🙂

Yes Mandie – the details are amazing. I have no idea how you go about it Simmone.

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