What’s coming up next…

Posted on: June 21, 2011

Sorry blog. I have neglected you so.  Life got very busy, but I never fogot you.

These are the up coming posts I have planned

Where’s me jumper – Part 2

I have found some wool and wool blend jumpers in local op shops I intend to felt in my washing machine as I found all the info on in this post.  I want to share with you the before, during & after progress I make as time allows.

I have brains!

Yes I do & I keep them in a jar.  I swapped with Your Organ Grinder as featured in this post and I am so very happy with my brain!  I’ll take some pics to show you how awesome it is.

Ladybird tutorial

I adorn many pincushions with little ladybirds and I will share with you the steps so you too can add some ladybird joy to your life.   Just need some good light so I can show you detailed pictures as well.  Not much chance of that at the moment in the middle of a very wet winter.

ladybirds, ladybugs, felt, embroidery

Ladybirds Pincushion

Arty Goodness

I am planning on featuring a wonderful artist soon.  Some great stuff for your eyes 🙂

Craft Spaces

I am often in complete awe of other people’s craft spaces.  I plan on showing you some amazing one’s.  I’ll leave you with a teaser pic from Allsorts Blog, written by Jenny who is a designer, illustrator & general crafty person.

allsorts creatice space



2 Responses to "What’s coming up next…"

Wish I had a gorgeous cupboard like that! At the end of the year I plan to do a load of work on my space to make it awesome and great for working in!

and Yay for Brains! And making your own felt from jumpers, so rad, does it take forever to get them to felt?!!!

You’ll have to share photos when you do Simmone. Its never going to happen for me – we don’t have a room I can take over. Well not til the kids move out anyway! 😉

Not sure how long the jumpers are going to take – I’ll let you know when I blog about my success or otherwise

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