A Natural Wonder

Posted on: June 14, 2011

I love receiving mail.  Especially parcels!  Today I received this in a  lovely package from New Earth Soaps.

heavenly moisturiser

Silky moisture lotion

It is wonderful stuff!  I love the feel of it.  So smooth and silky. It goes on so well and does not leave a greasy feeling at all. Added bonus, it smells divine too! Ahhhh.  I love a good moisturiser.  This one is especially great because of the thought and care the maker puts into it.

I have purchased a few things from Kaz, and each one is special in its own way. My braces-wearing daughter swears by Softly, softly lip balm and the Shea Butter Bars smell so divine.

I want to share with you just how awesome Kaz and her products are, so here’s a bit of q & a with the lovely Karen of New Earth Soaps.

Describe your products.

Natural, natural, natural. That is the only thing that matters to me. An ingredient must be from nature, from plants (except for beeswax but I use so little of this) and have therapeutic benefits to your skin. For years, there have been dangerous things put in to our everyday products, but now we are questioning them. Thank goodness! Nature can and does provide all that we need to cleanse, moisturise, protect and nourish. We needn’t look any further.  I research each ingredient I use extensively, but if you would like to look into what products you are using, a great website is www.cosmeticsdatabase.com.

Super Fruity Soap by New Earth Soaps

Super Fruity Soap by New Earth Soaps

Tell me why natural, sustainable ingredients are so important to you?

Way back in february 2000 I got quite sick, which lead to further illness and then a compromised immune system. Chemicals became intolerable. I couldn’t spend long in public due to perfumes, deodorants, smoking, plastics, paints. They all made me ill. Now just like wheat, dairy and processed foods, I must avoid chemicals and toxins as best I can. To keep control of what I put on my body, I began to make a basic olive oil soap, my own laundry liquid and began cleaning with simple things like vinegar and bi-carb. It worked. Within just 2 weeks there was a remarkable improvement in my health. I believe if it can help me, it can improve everyones general wellbeing.

Choosing sustainable ingredients is important to me because I honestly don’t see any other way forward. If we continue to use the planet’s resources without forethought, we are going to be left with nothing. I saw a great Greenpeace sticker on a car recently. It simply said “There are no jobs if the planet is dead!” Brilliant, just brilliant.

Love and Peace Perfume Balm by New Earth Soaps
Love and Peace Perfume Balm

What new things are you working on right now? (Intensive hand cream is on my wishlist 😉 )

Intensive hand cream you may just well have. I have been working on a body butter. I have tried several blends in the past but was never quite happy with them. I didn’t like the greasiness. But, guess what? I have cracked the code. I have now worked out a blend that soaks right in and nourishes beautifully. It’s working great on hands. I am so excited. It will be in my store this week.

Happy Feet Sugar Feet & Body Scrub by New Earth Soaps
Happy Feet Sugar Feet & Body Scrub

Describe your creative space – I bet it smells divine!

Visitors smell the essential oils at the front door. It certainly creates an inviting atmosphere. I am lucky to have two rooms to utilise. One room is just for storing packaging, crafty stuff, packing up parcels etc and the other is my soapy lab. I have huge bench space and lots of peronsal  space. Perfect for creating and inventing.

Clay Face Mask by New Earth Soaps
Clay Face Mask

What does the future hold?

I feel on a roll right now. I’m ready to extend myself, push the limits, and get new products out there and into my store. One thing I have missed is perfumes, so I have been working on essential oil blending and have a few almost ready to go. I can’t wait to show you. Oh I wish for scratch ‘n’ sniff computer screens.

Two Soaps Gift Pack by New Earth Soaps
Two Soaps Gift Pack

Have I got you hooked yet?  Here is where you can find Karen about the internet :

Website : New Earth Soaps

Etsy shop : New Earth Soaps

Facebook : New Earth Soaps

Twitter : New Earth Soaps

If you’ve experienced the wonder of New Earth Soaps too, I’d love to hear your comments 🙂


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Wonderful article. Whilst reading this, I decided to go and check out her shop! Thank you!

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