New things and something special for you

Posted on: June 2, 2011

A little while ago, I shared with you an etsy find from Loft Full of Goodies.

needlebook, felt, Loftfullofgoodies

Little Tree Hugger Needlebook

I could not forget it and I got to know the creator a little after posting this here.  She is a lovely lady – how lovely you’ll find out in a minute  and so I bought it!  Yay!

I mentioned in that post, that I really dislike making them.  I made one years ago and it is a little worse for wear – please excuse the condition of it – it’s a mess!  You see why I needed to get a new one now eh?

Fried egg needle book made by me a long time ago

Fried egg anyone?

I was super excited this week when I received my lovely package in the mail – look how pretty it is!

Beautiful packaging :)

What a lovely parcel to receive!

Now I have my very own Tree Hugger Needlebook but I also have a problem!  It’s too beautiful for me to mess up with my 100,000 threaded needles.  Solution?  I will only use it for pristine new needles awaiting their threads.  So the egg will live another day.

New needles are needed for a new needle book

New needles for a new needle book

Now to the good bit.  Loft Full of Goodies, maker of many wonderful things, not just needlebooks, has very kindly created a special deal just for you.  If you enter the code SPINSTER when you purchase something from her shop, you will receive 20% off your purchase!  The code even applies to sale items.

Here are a few gorgeous things to get you in the mood to shop

Handmade note cards by LoftFullofGoodies

Handmade note cards

Wool Felt Clutch by LoftFullofGoodies

Handmade Wool Felt Clutch

Penny Rug Wool Felt Cuff by LoftFullofGoodies

Handmade Brown Penny Rug Wool Felt Cuff

Thanks so much Loft Full of Goodies  .  I hope you are very successful.  Your stuff is wonderful!


10 Responses to "New things and something special for you"

Oh man, I was already tempted to buy something before the further incentive. Look at that gorgeous clutch. I never knew about needle books until you came along Shelley, now I can see how it could be if I knew where all my needles were. Mmmmm, organisey…. drool.

hehe – orangisey drool…

They really are a great thing to keep those needles out of feet & other bits hehe

Wow…she has some lovely things in her store!!! My needlebook is looking a lot like your egg one Shelley, but no where nearly as pretty, LOL.

She sure does Deb 🙂

Wow! I was nearly tempted to buy something from that shop too from your praises, Shelley. Thank you so much for being so kind and encouraging. I’ll be sure to take great care of your friends.



Thank you Natta 🙂 I am 100% certain that anyone who does make a purchase will be thoroughly thrilled as I was 🙂

Thanks Shelley. You know what I’m talking about! 😀

So many gorgeous coloured needlebooks to choose from – I couldn’t decide so had to buy 2! Gorgeous shop full of gorgeous goodies.

Thank you very much, Mandie. Happy sewing!

You’ll love them Mandie – they are so lovely 🙂

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