Needle Felting – My red car

Posted on: May 27, 2011

You know how it is, once you notice one red car, that is all you seem to see.  Or pregnant ladies, or babies, or stripy socks.

At the moment when I browse etsy I am seeing a lot of exquisitely detailed needle felting as well as some really fun things.

needle felting, bunny, rabbit, pdf, barby303, morning glory workshop

Needle Felting Wool Bunny Class in PDF files by Morning Glory Workshop

I look at Morning Glory Workshop and my heart melts with the cuteness.

This bunny listing is actually a very detailed class that teaches you all you need to know to make the gorgeous bunny.  He is even posable!

She also sells the materials needed and completed critters too!

This shop is on my Xmas wish list already hehe.  I’d love to give needle felting a try. Especially if I could get results like this.

red panda, needle felted, novembrin, etsy

Needle Felted Red Panda by Novembrin

Novembrin  is another shop I love.  She sells the most realistic needle felted dogs, cats, birds and other critters – some imaginary like brain slugs.

I could not go past this gorgeous lil guy.  I’ve always had a thing for red pandas.  So cute!

Novembrin also offers to make custom creatures from pictures of your pets.  Imagine having a mini sculpture of your actual dog.  Amazing!

Now to get a bit less real.  I have looked at Familiar Oddlings shop for a long time in awe.  Amazing creations.

Kirin giraffe, familiar oddlings, needle felting

Kirin Giraffe by Familiar Oddlings

As with the other creators I’ve mentioned, Familiar Oddlings creates custom creatures to your desires.  I thoroughly recommend a look around the shop. Incredibly fine work 🙂

Ready for some colour and fun?  Asher Jasper makes the most colourful, bright and wonderfully fun needle felted toys.

I just love the Egg Box Toy Sets like this Halloween one

needle felting, halloween, wool toys Asherjasper

Needle Felted Halloween Egg Set by Asher Jasper

My last share for today is She Who Stamps.  Nothing makes me smile like seeing a new listing pop up from this creator.  I have followed through with my love of this shop & bought a wonderful creation.  I really love it, as will the gift recipient on her birthday hehe. The descriptions on all of her items are so funny.  Really worth a read & a chuckle hehe.

zombie, needle felted, shewhostamps

Cute Little Zombie by She Who Stamps

There you have it.  I bet you start to see awesome needle felting everywhere now too. Let me know your finds, I’d love to see more.


12 Responses to "Needle Felting – My red car"

spooky shelley! how funny is that about the triple coincidence factor!

love the halloween egg set, so adorable!

Very funny – about the same time too. hehe. If you are wondering what I am talking about – around the same time I posted this blog entry, Michelle posted one that started with in a very similar way :

Needle felting is on my list of “learn tos” too!

So many crafts, so little time!

I don’t think I have the patience to needle felt (or any type of felting) but I so loooove the results!

The results are incredible I agree Deb.

Great, adorable finds! Going to click and heart a lot I think!

I started needlefelting as I just loved what the things looked like. I am spending about 4 hrs a day felting at the moment! The only bad thing is its bad for the back, and when you stab yourself it kills. My needles often go in and come out the other end.

I thought of you while I wrote this blog post LOL. Your stuff was probably the first WOW needle felting I saw. Glad you appreciate these finds too 🙂

Thank you so much for the feature Shelley! I am obsessed with needle felting, and I love seeing what other people come up with. You’ve got a great selection of creatures here. 🙂

It was my pleasure to feature you Tina 🙂 How could I not hehe

What a cutie! I love that tiny bunny! Great finds.

[…] Its been a while since I shared some awesome needle felting. […]

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