Tea – a craft lovers companion.

Posted on: May 20, 2011

I am not sure why, but I believe the majority of my crafty friends are also quite dedicated tea fanciers.

I love my tea.  I have a giant teacup & saucer I use several times a day.

teacup, spincushions, tea, cup & saucer

My much loved giant teacup

I live in a very small town with only a few cafes, but they all use “town water” to make their tea.  It tastes dreadful.  Took me a while to figure out it was the water, as we are on tank water out here.  I did not buy tea in town for a very long while.

Then, a tea house opened up!  JOY!   I finally had somewhere to go to drink yummy tea! And not just plain old tea either.  I have tasted nearly all of the many varieties now.  My favourites are Oolong, orange pekoe & chili tea.  The chili is served with smarties (a chocolate candy) which makes your mouth go WOW.  It somehow completes the taste sensation.  A tip though – don’t let that one stew too long or you will be in chilli hell.  I learnt that after I chatted too long one day.  Oops!

teapot, tea, zinnia pea, spincushions

Lady of Shalott Teapot by ZInnia Pea

This lovely teapot was created by Zinnia Pea.  By co-incidence, Deb  writer of the Two Cheeky Monkey’s blog has just today posted an interview with Zinnia Pea.  Click here to read about Christabel and her creations and also enter a giveaway to win a Jane Austen Coffee Mug.

Do you love a particular tea?  I’d love to hear your loves as I might find a new one too!


12 Responses to "Tea – a craft lovers companion."

Shelley, I am cringeing at the thought of you drinking tea made with town water…eww.

My all time favourite tea has got to be chai, though I also happily drink Irish Breakfast, English Afternoon, English Breakfast and Darjeeling tea, LOL. I also drink a lot of herbal teas, especially when I am not feeling well and my favourites are green tea with jasmine, chamomile tea and lychee tea. 🙂

Yay for a tea shop opening up. 🙂 Chili tea is not something I have tried – it sounds interesting!

Thank you for including my teapot. 🙂

ZP xo

I lurve Twinings Earl Grey. I have found that once you get hooked on one brands Earl Grey the rest all taste wrong though!

Ooh lychee tea Deb! Might have to try that one. Must admit I do love english breaky too

Zinnia Pea – chili is worth a try – but make sure you do the chocolate too.

I know what you mean Michelle – chai is like that too. My kids love the twinings one, but not so much other brands

we’re big tea drinkers in our house too 🙂
I mostly drink english breakfast, afternoon (both twinings) or chai. My brothers love earl grey (twinings again) & we usually have lady grey, irish breakfast & simply tea in the house too. I also love black tea with lemon instead of milk 🙂
& for herbal I mostly drink tulsi tea – either chai or with pomegranate & green tea.

I usually just have the common black tea or Peppermint Tea. I really like mint anything.

Your Tea Cup is just lovely!

I think Tea and Crafting go together as its a little “senses distraction” for us.

Nice Vickie – hubby likes earl grey too. Funny blokes liking such a floral tea hehe. I must admit, I’m not really into herbals. I have to really really feel like it.

Yes Simmone I agree – tea & crafting – stimulating more of our senses. The tea in my cup in the pic was lipton black tea 🙂

Oh, I drink far too much tea….

I have simple tastes but the best cup of tea I ever had was when a friend made a pot of stock standard black tea and then she added a slice of fresh ginger root to the pot. This had me ooh-ing and ahh-ing.

Hmm ginger tea is yum, but I love ginger a lot anyway.

You can’t drink too much tea Kate – its like chocolate hehe

Love my tea. Good old Lan choo tea is always here but I do love my chamomile and a few I have purchased from “T2” can’t remember their names now, adore my Cranberry, Raspberry and Strawberry tea (Lipton).
I also love my Rose Vanilla White Peony tea purchased from a local etsy seller, sageandmage.
My daughter also has a huge collection of tea bags way too many to mention!

OOh I’ll have to check that seller out Leeanne.

I love my Oolong too and probably drink between 3-6 cups of it a day. Green Sencha is one of my favourites, along with Chilli tea, which is great on a sore throat. However, every night once the kiddies have gone off to bed, I love nothing more than sitting down with a cup of Lapsang Souchong – I really enjoy it at the end of the day for some reason.

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