The Evolution of the Peacock Pincushion (so far)

Posted on: May 18, 2011

I have been making pincushions for a couple of years now & I love coming up with new designs.  I’m afraid I have a bit of a problem with making the same thing more than once, which is why there are so many different designs in my etsy shop.

Every now & then though, a design comes together & I know instantly it is right.  It was like that with the peacock pincushion.  As soon as I made the first one, I went “Yes!” in my head.  It all came together well.

With this design, I have managed to overcome my “wont do it twice” attitude.  I recently finished more detailed, embroidered versions and it got me thinking how the design has evolved over time.  A good chance to go back & have a look at what has gone before.

Here is the very first peacock pincushion. He was made with acrylic felt.  I love the olive green colour of the base.

peacock, pin cushion, pincushion, spincushions

First peacock pincushion design

I made a few this way, then I decided it was time for a tweak, so I moved the feather eyes about a bit

peacock, pin cushion, pincushion, spincushions

Second generation peacock design

As you can see, I made a few of these.  Still needed more tweaking though and to be honest, I wasn’t as happy with these.

Then I had a change in materials.  I discovered eco felt.  (Felt made from used plastic drink bottles)

peacock, pin cushion, pincushion, spincushions

New felt, new colours, back a step design wise

What happened next was the start of making kits for people to make their own peacock pincushions.  Slight colour change, but still with the eco-felt.  This is how it is still 🙂

peacock kit, pin cushion, pincushion, spincushions

Final design for Peacock Pincushion Kit

But I wasn’t satisfied.  I knew the design was a hit, but I was a bit bored with it.  I wanted to make it just a little bit more special.  So I thought I’d add more embroidery

embroidered peacock, pin cushion, pincushion, spincushions

Embroidered Feathers Peacock Pincushion

I made a couple this way, and knew I needed to make more, which led to the latest incarnation with even more embroidery and a move of the feather eyes again.  I am pretty happy with this one.  Might make a few more hehe.

embroidered peacock, pin cushion, pincushion handmade, spincushions, felt

The latest incarnation of the Spincushions peacock pin cushion

Not sure where the design will go from here, but I am sure that is not the end!  Stay tuned for more developments.

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8 Responses to "The Evolution of the Peacock Pincushion (so far)"

Love it! Its a hit either way:)

I’ve always loved your peacock pincushion…have you ever thought about variegated embroidery thread in blue/green tones? 🙂

The last one is stunning! I love Pea Fowl, even though I have been chased a few times by the Cocks. I would love a Pea Hen.

Ooh Mandie – I see a new version coming soon hehe – thanks for that 🙂

Thanks Simmone 🙂 I have to admit I have a fear of real life birds. I tend to almost hit the deck if one flies near me. A peacock chasing would probably make me faint hehe

Oh Shelley! Dont come near my house! I have cockatiels, a pigeon and chickens…and the rooster chases people too! Both the cockatiels are making me even more deaf at this minute!

I dont know how impressed a peacok would be with you fainting, maybe it’d be strutting about going “job done!”

hehe – thanks for the warning Simmone. I wont be visiting you anytime soon. 😉

Wow! Look at you and your fancy work! It’s very nice. Great job!

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