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I live in a very beautiful part of the world.  We are very lucky to live where we do, but sometimes we need reminding of what is around us, so today we set out for a family brunch to a place about 40 km’s from our house. The weather was a bit dicey, but we were lucky.

After our brunch, we took the short drive out to the blowholes.

blowholes, sea, ocean

The blowholes - so hard to catch that water up in the air on camera

Then we strolled up the path to the other feature here and it was like walking on the moon. It is called the Petrified Forest, but recently its been claimed that these aren’t trees at all, but solution tubes.  Not as magical if you think of it that way I reckon.

petrified forest

The Petrified Forest that isn't a forest

petrified forest, craters

Moon craters!

The rock formations are so ancient and eerie

petrified forest, landscape
This really is not an alien planet although it could be

We had a few future meets ancient history moments too

wind towers, petrified forest
The future meets the past

 The walk back to the car was interrupted by more awesome ocean happenings

ocean, sea, waves

The colours are incredible, as is the power & noise of the waves crashing into the cliffs

We timed it all very well. After we were back in the car the weather turned

clouds, rain, sea, waves
& then the clouds rolled in

A grand morning out.  I hope you can take the time soon to be a local tourist and do something others travel to your part of the world to do.  🙂


Hi folks 🙂

question mark, ring, poll, smiling silver smith

Block Question Mark Ring by Smiling Silver Smith

I have been playing about behind the scenes in wordpress and have found I can do polls!  yay! LOL

This is a silly little poll, but hey I had to do something.  Can’t leave a new toy sitting unloved eh?

By the way – some awesome geekery in Smiling Silver Smith‘s shop.  Go have a look & I bet you will smile.

You know how it is, once you notice one red car, that is all you seem to see.  Or pregnant ladies, or babies, or stripy socks.

At the moment when I browse etsy I am seeing a lot of exquisitely detailed needle felting as well as some really fun things.

needle felting, bunny, rabbit, pdf, barby303, morning glory workshop

Needle Felting Wool Bunny Class in PDF files by Morning Glory Workshop

I look at Morning Glory Workshop and my heart melts with the cuteness.

This bunny listing is actually a very detailed class that teaches you all you need to know to make the gorgeous bunny.  He is even posable!

She also sells the materials needed and completed critters too!

This shop is on my Xmas wish list already hehe.  I’d love to give needle felting a try. Especially if I could get results like this.

red panda, needle felted, novembrin, etsy

Needle Felted Red Panda by Novembrin

Novembrin  is another shop I love.  She sells the most realistic needle felted dogs, cats, birds and other critters – some imaginary like brain slugs.

I could not go past this gorgeous lil guy.  I’ve always had a thing for red pandas.  So cute!

Novembrin also offers to make custom creatures from pictures of your pets.  Imagine having a mini sculpture of your actual dog.  Amazing!

Now to get a bit less real.  I have looked at Familiar Oddlings shop for a long time in awe.  Amazing creations.

Kirin giraffe, familiar oddlings, needle felting

Kirin Giraffe by Familiar Oddlings

As with the other creators I’ve mentioned, Familiar Oddlings creates custom creatures to your desires.  I thoroughly recommend a look around the shop. Incredibly fine work 🙂

Ready for some colour and fun?  Asher Jasper makes the most colourful, bright and wonderfully fun needle felted toys.

I just love the Egg Box Toy Sets like this Halloween one

needle felting, halloween, wool toys Asherjasper

Needle Felted Halloween Egg Set by Asher Jasper

My last share for today is She Who Stamps.  Nothing makes me smile like seeing a new listing pop up from this creator.  I have followed through with my love of this shop & bought a wonderful creation.  I really love it, as will the gift recipient on her birthday hehe. The descriptions on all of her items are so funny.  Really worth a read & a chuckle hehe.

zombie, needle felted, shewhostamps

Cute Little Zombie by She Who Stamps

There you have it.  I bet you start to see awesome needle felting everywhere now too. Let me know your finds, I’d love to see more.

Thanks to random.org which drew the number 7 , congratulations go to Tish of Hatiheri who is the winner of this wonderful item from my blog giveaway:

eyeball hair tie, yourorgangrinder, spincushions
Eye ball hair tie by Yourorgangrinder

When I had to contact Tish I clicked through to her website & wow!  You rock Tish!  Awesome site for an awesome reason.  Here is some of what I found :

Hatiheri was born out of the frustration of not being able to find a subtle, simple, elegant, and practical headscarf while undergoing chemotherapy.

head scarf, hatiheri, spincushions
Navy Daisy Head Scarf by Hatiheri

Well done Tish on making some beautiful things for folks who are going through very tough challenges.

Huge thanks also to Simmone of Your Organ Grinder for offering the prize.  You rock too!

I have a fascination with tea towels at the moment.  Not only are they beautiful, I am always thinking how great they would be to use to make something with.  No sure what exactly,  but I know I will do something with some pretties very soon.

Apart from that, not having the luxury of a dishwasher, tea towels are a necessity in our house.  I have found some really lovely ones that almost make me want to wash up.

linen, tea towel, Flowerpress, spincushions

Linen Tea Towel - Ocean Filigree by Flowerpress on Etsy

cotton tea towel, Paluma Print, spincushions

Screenprinted Cotton Tea Towel & Hand Towel Set By Paluma Print on madeit

owls, tea towel, boygirltees, spincushions

Owl Bar Tea Towel Set by Boygirltees on etsy

Do you have “discussions” about who is washing & who is wiping in your house too?  Maybe some new tea towels might stop the arguments for a little while.  (Who am I kidding?)

I am not sure why, but I believe the majority of my crafty friends are also quite dedicated tea fanciers.

I love my tea.  I have a giant teacup & saucer I use several times a day.

teacup, spincushions, tea, cup & saucer

My much loved giant teacup

I live in a very small town with only a few cafes, but they all use “town water” to make their tea.  It tastes dreadful.  Took me a while to figure out it was the water, as we are on tank water out here.  I did not buy tea in town for a very long while.

Then, a tea house opened up!  JOY!   I finally had somewhere to go to drink yummy tea! And not just plain old tea either.  I have tasted nearly all of the many varieties now.  My favourites are Oolong, orange pekoe & chili tea.  The chili is served with smarties (a chocolate candy) which makes your mouth go WOW.  It somehow completes the taste sensation.  A tip though – don’t let that one stew too long or you will be in chilli hell.  I learnt that after I chatted too long one day.  Oops!

teapot, tea, zinnia pea, spincushions

Lady of Shalott Teapot by ZInnia Pea

This lovely teapot was created by Zinnia Pea.  By co-incidence, Deb  writer of the Two Cheeky Monkey’s blog has just today posted an interview with Zinnia Pea.  Click here to read about Christabel and her creations and also enter a giveaway to win a Jane Austen Coffee Mug.

Do you love a particular tea?  I’d love to hear your loves as I might find a new one too!

I have been making pincushions for a couple of years now & I love coming up with new designs.  I’m afraid I have a bit of a problem with making the same thing more than once, which is why there are so many different designs in my etsy shop.

Every now & then though, a design comes together & I know instantly it is right.  It was like that with the peacock pincushion.  As soon as I made the first one, I went “Yes!” in my head.  It all came together well.

With this design, I have managed to overcome my “wont do it twice” attitude.  I recently finished more detailed, embroidered versions and it got me thinking how the design has evolved over time.  A good chance to go back & have a look at what has gone before.

Here is the very first peacock pincushion. He was made with acrylic felt.  I love the olive green colour of the base.

peacock, pin cushion, pincushion, spincushions

First peacock pincushion design

I made a few this way, then I decided it was time for a tweak, so I moved the feather eyes about a bit

peacock, pin cushion, pincushion, spincushions

Second generation peacock design

As you can see, I made a few of these.  Still needed more tweaking though and to be honest, I wasn’t as happy with these.

Then I had a change in materials.  I discovered eco felt.  (Felt made from used plastic drink bottles)

peacock, pin cushion, pincushion, spincushions

New felt, new colours, back a step design wise

What happened next was the start of making kits for people to make their own peacock pincushions.  Slight colour change, but still with the eco-felt.  This is how it is still 🙂

peacock kit, pin cushion, pincushion, spincushions

Final design for Peacock Pincushion Kit

But I wasn’t satisfied.  I knew the design was a hit, but I was a bit bored with it.  I wanted to make it just a little bit more special.  So I thought I’d add more embroidery

embroidered peacock, pin cushion, pincushion, spincushions

Embroidered Feathers Peacock Pincushion

I made a couple this way, and knew I needed to make more, which led to the latest incarnation with even more embroidery and a move of the feather eyes again.  I am pretty happy with this one.  Might make a few more hehe.

embroidered peacock, pin cushion, pincushion handmade, spincushions, felt

The latest incarnation of the Spincushions peacock pin cushion

Not sure where the design will go from here, but I am sure that is not the end!  Stay tuned for more developments.

If you like a giveaway, head over to this page and leave a comment for a chance to win something very cool and very unusual 🙂

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